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Gap year travel advice

13th August 2014 Print

Ahead of the “A” level results True Traveller Insurance has put together some sound advice to help backpackers and gappers have a hassle free time.

Before You Set Off

Visit the dentist. – It’s better to do it now and at home than try to get a root canal done in some distant corner of the world, where you don’t speak the language and you don’t know the dentist!

Don’t get caught out if your passport is stolen. Scan you’re the information page of your passport as well as your birth certificate and e-mail it to yourself. This saves time if need to get a replacement. But be aware, you won’t get a replacement passport straight away. The local Embassy will issue you with an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) which is not accepted in every country. Getting a full new British Passport when you’re abroad takes weeks to process, so do what you can to speed up the process by having all your essential information at hand.

Make a note of important telephone numbers! If you do lose your money and cards, you have to contact the card issuers to cancel your cards before you get scammed by the thieves. Remember you are usually responsible for losses before you report your cards stolen, so the quicker you can do this the better.

Buy travel Insurance now – because you are covered for cancellation the moment you buy it. So if you have an accident before your trip and you have to postpone it or even cancel, your insurance should pay out cancellation charges for anything you have already booked.

Check the small print! Want to go bungee jumping? Check your insurance will cover the things you are going to be doing on your trip. If plan to work on a farm for example, most standard policies won’t cover that. So, check the small print and remember cheaper isn’t always best when you it comes to travel insurance. It’s the cover that counts.

Leave the valuables at home - thieves go after what they can sell. If you must take your laptop, IPad and an expensive camera, when you’re on the road really keep a very close eye on it, especially when getting on an off busses and trains. Thieves normally strike when you are distracted.

Don’t drink the water and be careful with the meat! Always buy water from shops and check the seal is intact. Buying bottled water off the street is a mistake, as often it’s just tap water bottled by enterprising children looking to boost their income! Apart from fancy hotels and restaurants, avoid ice in drinks as well. Remember refrigeration overseas isn't always up to our standards, so rather than eat meat which may be spoiled, go vegetarian for a few days!

Beware motor Scooters - The accident levels in Asia and South America are eye-wateringly high. Make sure you wear a helmet and do be especially careful of motorcycle taxis. They are rarely licenced and insured, so if you come off you could be well be the loser.

If you feel sick for more than a day go to a Doctor - This sounds obvious but True Traveller gets a number of serious claims from people who have just waited to see what happens. If you've been ill for a few days, go to a Doctor. It’s better to do this than not go and then get admitted to hospital a week later. Ask your hotel/hostel for the name of a local Doctor or go to a medical clinic.