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Forward-thinking green ethics saving residents money

13th August 2014 Print

The forward-thinking of one Bristol-based property management company has saved one of its blocks huge amounts on energy bills following the recent spell of sunny weather.

Two years ago, family-run BNS Property Management began looking into ways to go green and this quest for sustainability led directors to install state-of-the art solar panels at one of their larger properties.

A couple of years down the line and having just experienced the hottest June since 2006, residents at the block, which holds 80 units, are not only saving significant amounts on their energy bills, they are also actually feeding energy back into the grid.

BNS managing director Andrew Simmonds said: “We have always been very conscious of our sustainability practises but two years ago we really started taking it seriously and wanted to ensure we were doing everything we could to be green.

“After some research we planned the installation of the solar panels carefully and chose the most appropriate block to trial it on. Having monitored its success for the past two years we are now planning to roll it out across more of our blocks.

“It is fantastic that the residents of the block are now benefitting from our property managers’ insight and we plan to continue being innovative in order to give clients the best service possible.

“At BNS we are committed to our green credentials and have a strong ethos for transparency. Everything we do is aimed at saving our clients money, time and effort while remaining true to our green principles.”

Run by brothers Andrew and Ian Simmonds, BNS covers apartment blocks, gated communities and large and small properties across the South West providing bespoke property management services.

BNS has recently undergone a major rebranding to reflect its core values.

Andrew continued: “Last year we made the move to ethical energy provider Ecotricity in order to save clients cost as well as being environmentally friendly. This move has proved to be successful all round and we will be continuing to look at all our suppliers in the coming months.”

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