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BBC Weather is the fastest-growing BBC app of all time

15th August 2014 Print
BBC Weather App

The BBC has revealed its BBC Weather app to be the fastest-growing BBC app of all time, with over 8m downloads since its launch on 10 June 2013.

That’s 133,000 per week, 19,000 per day, 789 per hour, and confirms the UK’s obsession with the weather.

Record-breaking numbers visited the BBC Weather sites and app as temperatures rocketed in July, with 13.8m average weekly browsers, up 36 per cent year on year. Traffic from mobiles and tablets soared during 2014, accounting for 8.6 million of those weekly browsers – double that of July 2013.

Carol Kirkwood, BBC Weather presenter says: “Britain’s obsession with the weather is official. We can’t stop talking about it, and it looks like people can’t stop checking it – especially when unseasonal weather was expected, such as at the weekend. Twenty years ago you had to wait for Michael Fish after the news, but now with the BBC Weather app you can get your local forecast for the next hour, or next ten days, just when you need it."

The BBC also revealed:

7am is the most popular time for checking weather during the week – as people work out whether they need a brolly or sunscreen that day.

Friday is the most popular day – to help plan the weekend

The weekend peak is 8am on Saturdays and 9am on Sundays

12 June 2013 was the single biggest day with 242,000 Weather App downloads

Since its launch the BBC has continued to innovate, adding more features making it easier to access weather reports and forecasts whenever and wherever you are. In July, BBC Weather extended the forecast window from five to 10 days. As well as offering detailed hourly forecasts (UK) 48 hours ahead and three hourly forecasts (UK and International) for days three to five, the app now offers most likely high and low temperature forecasts and ranges for days six to 10.

Later this year BBC Weather will roll out location-based weather warnings to the app. BBC Weather already provides a list of severe weather and flood warnings issued across the UK, but the location-based feature will enable audiences to see what warnings directly affect them and where they live and work.

The BBC Weather app still has some way to go to catch up with BBC iPlayer, which has been downloaded 28 million times, or BBC News, which has 14 million downloads in the UK.

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BBC Weather App