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100% uptime for Iceland fleet of Mercedes-Benz vans

19th August 2014 Print

Iceland Foods reached a significant home delivery vehicle fleet milestone on 13 August 2014 - not a single one of its 420 Mercedes-Benz Vans was off the road – no breakdowns, no warranty work, no maintenance required, no accident damage; 100% fleet uptime.
In context, of the Iceland Foods’ home delivery vehicle fleet of two years ago, made up of vans from another manufacturer, 15% of the total number of vehicles off the road had the same age profile as the Mercedes-Benz fleet now.
Alex McKinlay, Head of Home Delivery, Iceland Foods, commented: “This is a fantastic result across both accident and maintenance for our fleet. The 24-hour support of Mercedes-Benz Vans dealers really helps to keep vehicle downtime to a minimum, but to have a fully utilised fleet is virtually unheard of.
“We have seen outstanding customer service from Mercedes-Benz and our drivers are clearly enjoying their vehicles. It’s a great partnership.”
Steve Bridge, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans, said: “A 100% uptime on any fleet is remarkable. To know that two years ago Iceland Foods’ home delivery fleet had 15% of its total vehicles off the road with the same age profile as the Mercedes-Benz Vans now, proves how outstanding this achievement is – a testament to our product, our Network and our colleagues.”
Iceland Foods was the first UK food retailer to offer a nationwide online shopping service as long ago as 1999. Iceland Foods’ delivery service is now used by up to 200,000 customers every week.

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