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New Peugeot 308 stars in latest film ‘Lucy’

20th August 2014 Print
Peugeot 308

Starring in its first big screen role, the Car of the Year 2014 appears alongside leading actors Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman in ‘Lucy’, Luc Besson's latest film, which opens in UK cinemas on Friday, 22nd August. The film tells the story of a young student who, as a result of circumstances beyond her control, finds her mental capabilities grow infinitely. She then ‘colonises’ her brain and acquires unlimited powers.

Cinema Finds A New Muse

Following Besson's well-known film ‘Taxi’ (1998) and his more recent film ‘3 Days to Kill’ (March 2014) starring Kevin Costner, ‘Lucy’ is the third feature-length film in which the famous director has honoured a Peugeot with a role. Generating over 138,000 orders since its launch in 2013, the Peugeot 308 fitted straight into this science-fiction film: the protagonist, ‘Lucy’ takes the wheel of a new Peugeot 308 during a breathtaking high-speed chase through the streets of Paris. The 308 once again shows off its matchless efficiency, dynamic performance and road holding by racing down the capital’s famous rue de Rivoli.


The Peugeot Brand can trace its roots back to 1810, and it was in 1889 that it began producing automobiles, thus in 2014 it celebrates 125 years of vehicle production with over 60 million sold. Conveyed through its brand signature ‘Motion & Emotion’, Peugeot is present in 160 countries with some 10,000 Franchised Dealers and recognised for its Excellence, Allure and Emotion.

In 2013 Peugeot sold 1.5m vehicles worldwide, represented in the majority of markets around the world with a strategy to continuously move the Brand up-market. Its average vehicle CO2 emissions were 111.3g/km making Peugeot the lead low CO2 automotive producer.

The UK is the 3rd largest market for Peugeot, which has a reinvigorated range of high quality products and services that provide a refined design with great attention to detail, and a unique driving experience delivering the satisfaction and emotion identifiable with every Peugeot product.

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Peugeot 308