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KTM pulls with SsangYong

11th December 2008 Print
When it came to choosing a tow car for transporting its new X-Bow around the UK on a promotional tour, KTM had no hesitation in choosing a SsangYong Rexton.

Austrian KTM, more famous for its high performance range of innovative motorcycles, launched the X-Bow earlier this year as its first ‘car’. The X-Bow weighs in at just 790kg and with 240hp, powers from 0-60km/h in under four seconds. This month it will be driven in the the Race of Champions at Wembley by motorsport champions and legends including Michael Schumacher.

KTM’s Jeff Lau says that with the Rexton’s 3.2 tonne towing ability, he was barely aware that he was towing anything at all. Lau praised the Rexton’s tractable 2.7 turbo diesel engine and the way the SsangYong coped with the nose weight of the trailer. He added: “Particularly impressive were journeys on smaller side roads, when we had to get the KTM to more remote locations. The Rexton made it all very easy. There were absolutely no problems around town, on country roads, and on forgot there was even a vehicle on the back.”