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Healthy and safe - in parts

11th December 2008 Print
The health and safety police raided SsangYong’s Europe Parts Centre last month. Not to issue warnings about tripping over the door mat, but to present a trophy for the Safest Warehouse of the Netherlands 2008.

The SsangYong Europe Parts Centre is in Breda City in Holland, the largest logistics hub in Europe. The award was organised by a leading Dutch logistics certification organisation and magazine which had shortlisted nine companies as final candidates this year. The judges carried out a safety inspection and reviewed reports on the results of safety-related work and safe workplace recommendations with the SsangYong Centre receiving top scores from three safety inspection companies for its safety-related accident rate of zero per cent. Previous winners include DHL and Intel.

The SsangYong European Parts Centre was established in December 2006 and holds around 12,200 parts lines for distribution to 21 distributors in Europe.