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5 exciting UK tech projects that need funding on Kickstarter

8th October 2014 Print

It’s not easy breaking into the world of tech so dominated as it is by multi-billion pound companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft. There are, however, some outstanding innovations on crowdfunding website Kickstarter which need our help to make them a reality. Here is our list of the top five tech projects that need funding right now. 

5 Axis Maker 

The 5 Axis Maker is a sophisticated but affordable desktop tool which will allow the production of complicated 3D models in a variety of different materials. 

A number of different tools can be added to the machine, allowing exhaustive creative possibilities using computer software.

The AR Pinboard

Imagine being able to walk into your office and see all of your tasks for the day displayed virtually in real time on boards around the room. You can see the things that are important to you, whereas your colleagues may see something completely different. 

The ‘AR-Pinboard’ app is the first piece of software to allow users to attach virtual pinboards to physical surfaces in the real world around them, which can then be viewed and shared using augmented reality on smartphones, tablets and smartglasses. If you would love to see your messy office or home transformed into a haven of organisation and serenity, give your support today!


Connect is an app which allows you to share your location with friends by integrating current social media platforms. You will be able to see where exactly your friends are as they check in on Connect and you can then contact them through social media. 

Promoting physical meet-ups in a digital age where they are becoming more and more scarce, Connect will act as a facilitator for your social life.

Apocalypse Survival Training

Do you lack the motivation you need to get off the sofa and exercise? Well, what more motivation do you need to get moving than the impending destruction of the human race?

Apocalypse Survival Training is an audio adventure in which you fight for your life after surviving an initial assault on planet earth. 37 episodes of 30 minute length are set to be created, promising full-body workouts and a storyline compelling enough to take your mind off the physical pain you are experiencing.


Ever wanted to keep an eye on what your dog was up to throughout its day? Worried that he’s not getting the exercise needed to burn off those delicious cans of Pedigree? 

With PitPat, you’ll be able to find out exactly what your dog gets up to using a small, waterproof monitor which can be attached to a collar and then tracked with the corresponding app.

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