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No upper age limit for new AA single trip policy

16th December 2014 Print

AA Insurance has re-launched its travel insurance policy with a range of improvements in cover.

Key amongst the improved benefits is that the AA becomes one of the few travel insurance providers with no upper age limit on single-trip world-wide travel insurance policies.

The policy is launched at a time when research by AA showed that almost 1 in ten holidaymakers don’t buy travel insurance – the equivalent 4.1 million people annually. 

AA travel insurance now automatically includes a wide range of low-risk medical conditions without a premium penalty, while many other conditions can be covered for an additional premium.

Personal AA roadside assistance members who quote their membership number when buying the policy online will find that it includes an automatic excess waiver (the amount that a customer has to contribute when making a claim, usually £80); new for old baggage cover and follow-up physiotherapy treatment back in the UK following an accidental injury abroad.

Janet Connor managing director of AA Insurance says: “This is I believe, the best and most comprehensive travel insurance policy that the AA has ever launched.

“Whilst remaining competitively priced it offers significant benefit improvements – not least of which is cover for any age on single trip policies.

“Post-retirement is often regarded as a ‘golden age’ for those who have worked hard to reward themselves with opportunities to visit distant places in their later years. 

“I worry that older people may opt to travel without cover because they can’t afford or can’t obtain travel insurance, especially if they suffer from some medical complications.”

Ms Connor adds that AA Roadside Assistance members are rewarded with additional benefits, including waiving the excess they would otherwise have to contribute when making a claim.

“In practice this means is that relatively small claims – such as the loss of a camera or a travel handbag that might otherwise not be worth claiming for – can now be accepted.”

Janet Connor adds: “The new policy marks a significant step for AA Insurance, which aims to become a leading player in the travel insurance market.” 

The AA travel insurance range includes single and multi-trip standard and ‘Essentials’; back-packer; winter sports; wedding and golf cover.

Example premiums: standard policy bought online by AA member

Family of four, single trip two week holiday in Europe, two parents and children aged 16 and 14: £19.99   

Same family but the 14 year old suffers from asthma managed with inhalers £19.99

Couple aged in their late 50s, world wide (including USA) annual travel policy, full health £155.62 Couple aged in their late 50s, single two-week trip to USA but one has high blood pressure and angina  £301.39

Couple aged in their late 80s, a three-month, world wide cruise including USA.  Both have a range of manageable medical complaints – including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes £434.18                

Single lady aged 90 visiting her family in New Zealand for four weeks, healthy with no medical conditions to declare £185.07

Single gent aged 94 on a family car trip, being taken to France and Belgium for a visit to war graves and other sites over 8 days, single trip.  Typical complaints for age and on various medications, ie for blood pressure and arthritis, has limited mobility and needs a stick to walk but health manageable with medication £131.63