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Lloyds Bank enhances credit card range

30th December 2014 Print

Lloyds Bank has enhanced its credit card range ahead of the New Year with the launch of its longest ever balance transfer card, lasting 34 months with an effective balance transfer fee of 3%.

The enhanced credit card complements the broad range of Lloyds Bank cards and offers customers more choice when it comes to their purchasing power.

34/6 Lloyds Bank Transfer Card

Balance transfers: 0% interest rate lasting 34 months. This carries an effective 3% fee on balances transferred within the first 90 days.

Purchases: 6 months’ interest-free on new purchases.

Mark Powys, Lloyds Bank Credit Cards, said: “We understand how important it is for our customers to feel in control of their finances so we have enhanced our credit cards to provide them with a longer interest free period on balance transfers and enable them to be better off as a result.”