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Halifax improves All in One credit card with reduced transfer fees

5th January 2015 Print

Halifax is further improving its All in One credit card by reducing the fee on balance transfers to just 1% for balances transferred in the first 90 days. What’s more, customers applying in branch who also switch their current account to Halifax will be able to transfer existing balances with no fees at all.

Designed for customers who have both a balance transfer and purchase need and want a single card to do both transactions, the All in One card offers 19 months interest free on balance transfers and 16 months interest free on purchases.

Based on a typical balance transfer from a card charging 18.9% APR (variable), with 0% for 19 months and a 1% balance transfer fee, moving to the Halifax All in One card could mean customers would be £491 better off over the 19 month period.

In addition, customers looking to benefit from one of the most rewarding current accounts in the market can also take advantage of a fee free balance transfer on the All in Card saving an additional £20.

Switching to the Halifax Reward Current Account can earn customers over £150 in rewards during the first year after they have switched to this account, including:

£100 switching bonus, when customers use the Current Account Switcher Service

12 x £5 monthly reward payments when customers pay in £750; pay out two direct debits, and stay in credit each month

Customers can also earn cashback on both their current account and credit card with top retailers such as Morrisons, Waitrose and House of Fraser with Cashback Extras

Jon Roberts, Halifax Credit Cards, says: “By reducing the transfer fee on the All in One card, we are offering customers a compelling option for restructuring their borrowing in a more cost-effective way. For those using the New Year as an excuse to make the most of their finances, combining a credit card switch with a current account move could really pay off for them.”