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Improving life with technology without getting technical

8th January 2015 Print

Technology is a double-edged sword. On one side lies the streamlined conveniences courtesy of the breakthrough product or service. On the other, the difficulties of adapting to a new way of doing things. We like what works and it’s hard to convince people of the value of changing habits unnecessarily. As Henry Ford popularly put it: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Luckily, the technological breakthroughs of today are a little less about mastering a machine and more about making better use of information. For you tech gadget and app holdouts out there, it’s easier to have these revolutionary tools work for you and your business than you think. In fact there are a number of simple upgrades you can make with your gear and software to significantly improve efficiency at home and work, such as:

Mobile Optimization: Chances are you have a smartphone, tablet, or both. Are these being put to full use as tools to improve home and work? They’re great for fun and games a ‘la Angry Birds, but mobile devices host a vast array of apps and cloud-based communications services geared toward simplifying chatter and file sharing across mobile parties and devices.  The one-in-all style of mobile technology is the definition of easy, and will reduce wasted time and effort exchanging information with those in your personal and business life. With that said, don’t discount the go-to social media messengers both for information and for specialized apps. Even following relevant company Twitter feeds helps give startups an edge.

Expense Monitoring: This is by-far the easiest upgrade with the greatest impact on making for a more cost-effective business and lifestyle. Using money management apps can help you keep track of how much you’re spending, and where. Bill reminders and debt monitoring are also services available through your smartphone or tablet typically free-of-charge. Keeping track of this stuff on your own is a real pain, and most people have a difficult time maintaining the habit. This of course results in an unknowable but certainly unattractive amount of money wasted in the years and decades of owning a home or business. Clicking “install” and registering your information is all it takes to have the work done for you. Pretty easy stuff.

Aggregating Information: There is a lot of information out there. The once easy Google search is made more-and-more complicated by the myriad of resources available for any particular subject. Some are good. Most are bad. It’s important to find ways to aggregate the web’s colossal collection of information to reduce the amount of time it takes to get the facts you want. News aggregates are useful, but increasingly fall prey to junk content. Make sure to always bookmark and prioritize the few sites you already trust and come across when customizing these apps and services. This way you constantly receive a simple feed of reliable information instead of moving across the web to each source one-at-a-time.

Making Money: The aforementioned are all ways in which you can save time and money at home and work. But what about making money? Manage an eBay or Etsy business on-the-go through their available apps, or engage in client consultation wherever you are via Skype instead of waiting to meet in person. Buy and sell stocks away from the desktop by utilizing the best communications tools, financial apps, and news sources at your disposal. Or maybe there’s an idea out there waiting to be seized on - how about vintage flipping - scour second-hand and antique stores for the gems and post them online for sale via Craigslist or Etsy without leaving the parking lot.

Technology exists to make life better. Sometimes there’s a learning curve. Other times the tech is so simple the process is too.  Improving your home, work, or business is as easy as installing some apps and syncing your devices. See for yourself.