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Kick-start 2015 with a visit to one of Taiwan’s myriad of hot springs

28th January 2015 Print

Enjoy a rejuvenating visit to the great selection of hot springs in Taiwan, providing the perfect haven to unwind. With more than 100 hot springs across the country, Taiwan has one of the highest concentrations and greatest variety of thermal springs in the world. The island boasts a unique environment that produces high-temperature springs with crystal-clear waters which are commonly used for spas and resorts.

Regarded as one of the world’s top hot spring destinations, Taiwan has over a hundred natural hot springs which are found at different geological areas including plains, mountains, valleys and oceans, with most of the hot springs in mesmerising scenic areas. Hot springs offer a number of therapeutic health benefits including increased metabolism, muscle soothing and healing, as well as improved blood circulation. The hot springs allow minerals to pass through your skin, fighting the symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, poor circulation and even immune related illnesses.

Located on the peak of Zhentou Mountain in the city of Tainan, the Guanziling hot spring is one of the four main hot springs in Taiwan. It is a mud spring of a rare cloudy type rich in minerals and chemicals that can only be found in a handful of places in the world including Taiwan, Italy and Japan. Prices for weekday entry to the hot springs start from £8.

The popular scenic escape for those living in the south of Taiwan, the Sichong River hot springs are clear and odourless. Bathing in these hot springs boasts many benefits including, revitalised skin and relieving aching muscles. Prices for entry to the hot springs start from £6.

The Beitou hot spring in Taipei is one of the most popular hot springs in northern Taiwan for its convenient location. Beitou has been well known for the extraction of sulphur, which is the main component of the Beitou hot spring – the facilities were developed while Taiwan was under Japanese imperial rule. Prices for entry to the hot spring start from just £1.

Located within the beautiful Yangmingshan National Park, the Yangminshan hot springs are a 30 minute journey from central Taipei which makes it popular choice for visitors to the city. The magical volcanic landscape is a spectacular part of the Yangmingshan hot springs; the area has four major volcanic hot spring areas including the area bordering Yangmingshan National Park, Lengshuikeng, Macao and Huogengziping. Each of the hot springs possesses distinctive features, temperature and mineral contents. Prices for Yangmingshan National Park and hot springs tour by Edison Travel start from £30.

Fast-becoming a wellness mecca, Taiwan also has a number of high-end resorts. These resorts utilise hot springs and divert them into bathhouses and health spas where the waters can be enjoyed in pools and private bathrooms; other traditional spa treatments can also be enjoyed. Popular resorts include: the ‘Lalu Spa’ at The Lalu at Sun Moon Lake and ‘The Spa’ at the newly opened Mandarin Oriental in Taipei.

Additionally, visitors can still enjoy the final month of the ‘Taiwan Hot Spring and Fine-Cuisine Carnival’; Taiwan Tourism Bureau in conjunction with hot springs and restaurants has several events taking place across the island’s premier hot spring and tourism hot spots. Visitors are provided with discounted tour packages to enhance their experience of Taiwan’s peak hot spring season. For more information, visit

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