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Au Pairing in Paris

26th January 2015 Print

Au Pairing will always be an attractive vocation to anyone wanting a complete cultural experience and Au Pairing in Paris is definitely a great experience all on its own. There is no better way to experience Paris than as an Au Pair. Why look at this beautiful city through tour bus windows when you can experience the actual lives of Parisians and get paid for it.

Different Strokes

Every family is different, so every experience is different. You shouldn’t then expect to end up looking after kids in a villa in Paris. One family might have you live with them and they will pay for a few things – spending money, language classes - while another might have you living in your own apartment and pay for everything, including rent. Similarly, hours and pay can also differ although you shouldn’t accept anything less than €80 per week.

School’s Out on Wednesdays

The French have an interesting take on education; on Wednesdays most Parisian children either go to school for half the day or not at all. This is a great time to explore Paris with your charges. Imagine going to Disneyland Paris just for the day or the puppet shows in Luxembourg. Then there’s travelling down the Siene on a canal barge led by taking a cooking course with your charges at La Cuisine Paris. A definite must see will also be Tuileries Garden is a huge garden like park that has cafés, wide open spaces, a carousel, children’s playground and trampolines. You can be rest assured that your charges will LOVE you.

D keep in mind that Au Pairing is not as easy as it might look. You need to have a genuine love for children and the French language to manage getting through the day.