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Seven reasons why Germany should be your next career destination

13th December 2020 Print
German flag

Many people across the world today are continuously on the move. People move for a variety of reasons, including better quality of life, lifestyle change, family ties, economic pressure, wanderlust, and career progression. One group that particularly stands out are professional migrants who move abroad for financial independence, job opportunities, and a new experience. 

If you fall under that group, regardless of your age, one country that you can explore for professional opportunities is Germany. Germany has always been a popular destination, and, recently, more non-EU citizens are moving to the country, with the number rising by about 20 percent for the third consecutive year. 

So, if you're also considering working in Germany, here are seven reasons that will make up your mind.

1. A better work-life balance

Culturally, Germans greatly value their private lives and strongly discourage working overtime or non-office hours. Additionally, people in Germany work fewer hours than people in, for instance, the UK, and the minimum annual holiday entitlement in the country is usually 30 days. Apart from that, you'll also be glad to know that the country has excellent maternity and paternity laws. In fact, mothers in the country are entitled to up to three years of family leave

2. Excellent medical care

Where medical care is concerned, the country has some of the best health facilities in the world. Every resident in the country is legally required to have health insurance, even if you're unable to work or unemployed. Your employer may also choose to cover half of your health insurance if you choose public health insurance. 

There are mainly two types of German health insurance options, ranging from private plans to public plans if you're looking into this. Whichever one you opt for depends on several factors, including your level of income, profession, and whether you have any dependents. 

3. Low unemployment rate

Germany has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union and, it's safe to say that the German economy is doing quite well. With an unemployment rate below 5 percent, you're likely to find a job in the country once you move there. 

Apart from the job availability, though, the minimum wage is also expected to rise in the coming years since the country is experiencing exceptional success in the global market, ensuring there are well-paid jobs all over the country. This higher minimum wage allows people to have a good standard of living and not struggle to make ends meet every month. 

This is great news, regardless of the stage of your professional career you're in. Even if you're a fresh graduate with no work experience, you'll find plenty of work opportunities in the country, provided you know where to look and how to apply for jobs correctly. 

4. Excellent worker benefits

While Germany has a generous maternity leave plan, several other areas offer workers' benefits too. Employment laws such as holidays, collective bargaining agreements, and termination are quite favorable towards employees.

Additionally, workers are also entitled to 6 weeks of sick pay, allowing you to apply for six weeks additional leave if you need to do so. Moreover, your vacation pay is protected by law by up to 4 weeks every year, which is much more than what you'd get in another country. 


5. Flexible working hours 

As mentioned earlier, Germans value the divide between their private and professional lives. This is precisely why the working hours in the country are confined to weekdays, Monday to Friday. Sundays are generally off for everyone, and except for petrol stations and bakeries, everything is closed. 

According to German law, stores have strict closing and opening hours, ensuring that most employees don't work overtime. Additionally, since people are more determined to focus on work during the day, Germans also tend to be more productive. 

6.  A diverse lifestyle

Every city in the country offers something unique. From modern cities like Berlin that focus on the fast life to those like Hamburg, which holds Europe's second-largest port, you're bound to find something that suits the kind of lifestyle you're looking for. 

Apart from this, Germans are huge cyclists and love the outdoors. Every city in the country has an excellent cycle path network that can be used for commuting and leisure activities, both. Additionally, the country also has many green spaces where you can relax after a busy day at work. 

7. A great public transport system

Germany also has an excellent public transport system with a strict schedule that's followed regularly. All major cities are also connected with high-speed rail connections, making commuting a piece of cake. 

The public transport also runs through the night and on the weekends. Using it is cost-effective and makes life exceptionally easy, even if you don't have your motorbike or car. The country also has a lift-share scheme, making traveling on a budget much easier and reducing your impact on the environment in the process. 

Final Thoughts

The reasons above are enough to convince you that moving to Germany for your next big career move is an excellent idea. It offers a variety of benefits for working professionals who want a fresh start with new opportunities. 

Germany has a lot to offer to anyone who wants to move there. While the process may be overwhelming, it's good to take a few risks in life, and this one's definitely going to be worth it, and you're going to fall in love with the place in no time.

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