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Skipton lowers buy to let interest rates by up to 0.30%

6th February 2015 Print

Skipton Building Society has launched a refreshed range of fixed rate buy-to-let products. The Society is offering a range across two, three and five year fixed rate terms with purchase and remortgage products priced separately at 60%, 70% and 75% LTV bands.

The Society’s new buy-to-let range for purchasers includes a 2-year fixed rate at 3.19% to 75% LTV with a £995 fee, a fee free 2-year fix at 3.69% to 75% LTV and a 3-year fix at 3.68% to 75% LTV with £995 fee.

For those wishing to remortgage, the 3-year fixed range includes a 3.55% to 75% LTV with £1,995 fee, a 3.75% to 75% LTV with £995 and a fee free 4.10% to 75% LTV. The 5-year range includes a fee free 4.09% to 60% LTV. All offer free valuation and standard legal fees.

Kris Brewster, the Society’s Head of Products, said: “Thanks to our prudent approach to lending, buy-to-let has always been a valuable and high-performing part of our mortgage portfolio. Our buy-to-let deals continue to prove popular and we are delighted to offer this refreshed fixed rate BTL mortgage range with lower interest rates.

"We believe the range offers great value for purchasers of buy to let property and for those wishing to remortgage their portfolio.

“We have a total of 54 products in our buy to let range to give landlords and potential landlords plenty of choice and as many different options as possible to help suit their many different needs.”

Full details of Skipton’s refreshed buy-to-let mortgage range can be found at: