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Personal investors own 30.6% of AIM listed companies

3rd September 2015 Print

In light of yesterday’s ONS statistics bulletin highlighting the percentage of AIM shares belonging to individuals, Darren Cornish, Director of Customer Experience at The Share Centre, comments on what this means for personal investors.

Yesterday’s bi-annual statistics bulletin from the ONS showing the ownership of UK companies, stresses the strength of personal investors. With more tools than ever to invest, consumer confidence and individual investment is on the up. The report shows that last year, 9.5% of FTSE 100 shares were held by individuals. It also shows that a 30.6% holding of AIM listed companies sits with personal investors.

Over the past year we have seen 20% of ISA account holders at The Share Centre invest on AIM. The ONS statistics and the change in regulation (AIM stocks have only been eligible for personal investor ISAs for two years) demonstrate that there is huge consumer interest in small market cap companies. At The Share Centre, the most popular sectors purchased within the alternative investment market were mining, oil and gas and general finance.

Darren Cornish, Director of Customer Experience at The Share Centre commented: “At The Share Centre we are champions for the personal investor and it is great to see these UK investors owning nearly a third of AIM listed companies. AIM companies are key to the UK economy and personal investors are clearly keen to invest in them.”

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