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Where is the best place in the UK to sell your home? 6 popular locations in the UK

29th November 2015 Print

When it comes to buying a new home, choice is a wonderful thing and if you’ve got the time and budget to look around you’ll find remarkable properties in some of the best parts of the UK. Similarly, if you’re lucky enough to own a property in a buyer’s hotspot you should be able to sell your house fast with We Buy Any Home or secure a private sale thanks to your home’s excellent location. The question is: Where is the best place to sell (or invest) in the UK?

1. Kent

Just a stone’s throw from the beautiful English coast and with impeccable transport routes including a high speed train service to central London, it’s no wonder that houses in Kent sell well. Often referred to as the Garden of England, this beautiful part of the world is a great place to live and is renowned for its exquisite scenery and historic towns with tourists and habitants flocking to admire some of the area’s 17,000 listed buildings including Canterbury Cathedral.

2. Exeter

If you have a property in Exeter, you’re in luck as this is an extremely popular destination for home buyers looking for easy access to the M5 and an airport frequented by Flybe. Moreover, as Exeter University is highly rated, families looking to give their brood a quality education might also feel inclined to move to this part of the world as would followers of Exeter’s successful premiership rugby team.

3. Milton Keynes

Once upon a time, Milton Keynes had a bit of a reputation for being a concrete jungle, but it’s now considered London’s spill over town thanks to quick rail and road links to the capital. Impressive building projects mean Milton Keynes’ style grid housing system is largely becoming a thing of the past, but if you do happen to own one of these uniform buildings, fear not, as housing in this area is in high demand

4. Oxford

While it’s not cheap to buy a property in Oxford by any means (North Oxford houses can go for 1.5 million upwards), properties are still in demand thanks to the city’s reputation for being upmarket. Those with cash to flash will happily peruse such areas in search of the world’s top universities, exquisite transport routes, excellent shopping opportunities and quick access to The Cotswolds and other places of interest.

5. York

It seems many buyers are focussing their attention on the Midlands and the North with York, Lincoln Telford and Chester expected to see house prices rise by 18.1 per cent in the next five years. Quirky cobbled streets, a quintessentially English atmosphere and accessibility to other cities such as Manchester all add to the popularity of such places.

6. Carlisle

With houses being viewed an average of six times before being bought, Carlisle is considered one of the easiest places to sell your home in the UK in comparison to London where properties are viewed an average of 16 times before a sale is made. 

Houses in certain parts of the UK are easier to sell than others with the above six locations proving popular with buyers.