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Clever ways to increase business using an event

16th January 2016 Print

Meeting people in person is still an effective way to build relationships and find new customers. Even in the digital age, your prospects may prefer to meet you in person before they buy. Putting on an effective event can motivate people to find out more about your business. Use these tips to put on a great business event.

Why people attend

There are several reasons why customers or prospects may attend your event:

To learn: Many prospects may want to learn more about your product. They may attend the event to see product demonstrations or to speak with product experts in person.

To network: Prospects may want to network with people in their industry. Networking gives them a chance to talk with other business owners who face the same challenges. These conversations can help them improve their business results.

To hear a specific speaker: Featuring an interesting speaker is a great way to get people to your event. Many people attend a conference to hear a certain speaker. 

Keep these things in mind as you plan your event:

Take advantage of mobile apps

DoubleDutch can work with you to help organize your event using a mobile app allowing your attendees take full advantage of your offerings. Putting on an event is expensive and time-consuming. An app can enhance the experience for your attendees. Here are some benefits that a mobile app can provide:

Personalized agenda: All of the meeting locations, times and details can loaded into the app. This eliminates the need to refer to hardcopy schedules. The attendee can select all of the events that they want to attend. That information is sent to you, so you can plan for enough seating. 

Changes to the schedule: If you need to change the schedule, you can notify all attendees through the app. If the speaker that Joe really wants to see is speaking Thursday afternoon instead of Wednesday morning, Joe will get a notice on his mobile device.

Networking: A mobile app can include the business card information and a bio for every attendee. If two attendees want to exchange that information, they can scan each other’s event badges. This process makes networking much easier.

When an attendee understands how the mobile app works, they’ll be more motivated to attend the event.

Monetize you event

In addition to the convenience of using a mobile app, this technology can help you monetize your event. Most events have vendors who pay for sponsorship. With mobile, a sponsor can pay for mobile ads that attendees see. They can also have messages and links to any social media platforms related to the event (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) 

This form of sponsorship is more attractive than simply placing ads in an event program. You may be able to charge more for sponsorships and cover more of the cost of your event.

Other features 

Your mobile app does not have to rely on the venue’s wireless connection. In some big buildings, wireless access can be an issue. Attendees can also submit questions to speakers and also fill out a poll or questionnaire. 

Try a mobile app to enhance the experience of attending your event. People will leave your event feeling like their time was well spent. Most important, these attendees will want to come back. All of this can help you solidify customer relationships and increase sales.