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Secret Campsite publishes “escapee’s handbook”

23rd January 2016 Print

The growing network of Secret Campsites, described as the “antidote to glamping”, has published an “escapee’s handbook” which instructs suburban and city dwellers on how to evade the pressures and stresses of modern, tech driven, living – and cope with mobile phone withdrawal symptoms.

Revealed by The Guardian newspaper as one of the top 10 camp sites in the country, the original Secret Campsite – hidden near Lewes in the heart of the Sussex countryside - provides campers with the opportunity to get back to nature and relax in the great outdoors.

Subtitled ‘In pursuit of Nothing Much’, the 26 page manual is crammed with diagrams, illustrations and colour photos. The witty prose has useful tips on foraging for edible plants; making wild herbal tea; getting a good night’s sleep under canvas; and essential campfire gastronomy.

Embarking on nature trails, campers at The Secret Campsite guests regularly encounter slow worms, green woodpeckers, barn owls, grass snakes and adders, elephant hawk moths, pipistelle bats, fallow deer, marsh frogs and much more.

The escapee’s handbook also explains how campers can retune their senses to the sights, sounds, smells of the natural environment, to spot the abundant wildlife that roams the woodlands and fields surrounding the camp’s discrete pitch sites.

“There’s a place in the market for glamping, but it’s not one we cater for - many glampers rented luxurious yurts and lavish log cabins because it was the trendy thing to do or because they cut their holiday costs during the economic down turn,” said Tim. “We appeal to real campers who want be outdoors to fully experience the natural environment and eschew the modern comforts of home for a while

The escapee’s handbook costs £5, of which £1 is donated to the Sussex Wildlife Trust. Copies are free to all campers taking a two-night minimum stay at The Secret Campsite before the end of June 2015.


Now recruiting a network of farmers and landowners who want to host their own Secret Campsite, Tim recently held a standing room only seminar at the Farm Business Innovations exhibition, which – according to the organisers – was one of the show’s biggest new business lead generators.

Tim explained how anyone with 8 acres of suitable land, can set up a profitable, wildlife rich, campsite with modest capital outlay – generating a significant additional income, working part-time, whilst making a substantial contribution to conservation of the environment.

The Secret Campsite provides potential partners with a detailed and comprehensive business plan to put the case to the bank for funding.

“It was a great laugh and I met some really entertaining people – a mix of farmers, smallholders, country house and estate owners – many of whom seem genuinely keen to have their own Secret Campsite,” said Bullen.

Those wishing to adopt the successful Secret Campsite model, will need to feature widely spaced, individual pitches devoid of cars, caravans, dogs or large groups – ensuring a tranquil and natural environment.

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