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How to plan your recruitment strategy based on your businesses industry

18th February 2016 Print

Which industry you specialise in will affect your recruitment strategy but there is one productive way to recruit new employees and that is to use a recruitment agency that specialises in your sector. For example, if you run a building company and you need to employ new construction staff, then instead of having to go through the rigmarole of advertising the position, interviewing and weeding out the best candidates before checking out CVs and references – it is far easier to contact a company that has already done all of that hard work for you. 

While you may still wish to conduct a few interviews, the agency should only send you employees who are capable of doing the position that you are advertising. You can save time by using an agency to source your staff and why not use a specialist construction recruitment agency to find qualified candidates? You can simply contact the agency and ask them to send X amount of people in for interviews, so that you can get a feel for their personality and work out who will be the best fit for the position. 

Construction Industry 

If you specialise in the construction industry, you will understand the importance of being able to employ qualified staff due to the following reasons:

There are lots of stringent health and safety regulations governing the sector

You may need someone who already understands the role, rather than having to train them up

You will need people quickly, as building work costs money when it gets delayed 

The construction industry is notorious for being dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing and if you use a recruitment agency to find you potential staff, you can be sure that the people you interview will be qualified to do the job. 

Recruitment Planning 

Bad recruitment decisions can waste a lot of money and time, and you will need to ensure you have a recruitment plan set out before you begin the process in order to find the right candidate. 

Here are some of the main things that you will need to include:

What your recruitment goals are

Create clear job descriptions to avoid any confusion

Look into different strategies to find employees, from adverts and social media shout-outs to using recruitment agencies

Write out a shortlist of candidates and why you should and shouldn’t hire them

Practice your interviewing technique and hone your skills

Set out a budget for the recruitment process 

Once you have found the ideal person for the job, make sure you have their role clearly defined and you have a plan set out on how to integrate them into the workplace. With a plan in place, you will find it easier to find the best person for the position and don’t forget that you will need to have information ready for them about their job role, including organising their salary and preparing their manager for their arrival.