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What options do you have when you are involved in a serious accident

18th February 2016 Print

It’s no laughing matter if you’ve been involved in a serious accident. Whether it was a road traffic accident, a slip or fall or cycling accident, online solicitors can come to your aid. There are several options to follow, however getting in touch with professional lawyers should be number one on your list. Experts can help you claim for compensation if you’ve been injured along with:-

Assisting in vehicle repair claims

Sorting out claim settlements with insurers

Why not make contact with Ronald Fletcher and Co. as quickly as possible giving them all the details about your case? They offer a no-win no-fee service, which is good news for claimants.

An effective RTA claims management service

Expect an effective claims management service if you’ve been seriously injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Solicitors keep track of and process the actions and information needed for your case. It doesn’t matter whether you were a passenger in a vehicle, a driver or a pedestrian, you should be entitled to compensation. Online specialists in compensation cases also deal with accidents that involve:-

- Trucks

- Cars

- Lorries

- Public transport

- Cyclists

- Motorcycles

It’s highly recommended to make contact with reputable online solicitors as soon as you can to begin your compensation case. Costs can be recovered if you have any medical or transport expenses including if you need to take time off work. Hire vehicles can also be provided as part of the service.

What you can claim for

Having had a serious accident can have a very negative toll on your life. By contacting online road traffic accident solicitors you can claim for:-

a) Compensation to repair your vehicle, motorbike or bicycle

b) Pain and suffering

c) Taxi fares

d) An engineer’s inspection of your vehicle

e) Care and assistance

f) Modifications to your home if you’ve become disabled through the accident

g) Cost of treatment as a result of injuries

Read about cycling and RTA claims

There’s plenty of information online about cycling and RTA claims. You can see different cases of compensation claims people received. For instance:-

I. A pedestrian crossing a road and being hit by a car which didn’t stop.

II. Driving a car and being hit by another vehicle

III. A pedestrian walking on the pavement being injured by a driver who lost control of his car.

The amounts of cash received in these compensation cases was relatively high and helped the injured party to get on with their life.

Get in touch with the right people

Make sure to get in touch with the right people who can act for you during a compensation case. You will receive a very good service from a reliable, friendly solicitor who will represent you should there be a court case. All it takes is to make a free initial phone call, book an appointment and take it from there.