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What to think about when moving house to a new location

7th March 2016 Print

When moving house to a new location there are so many things to consider. From what your new neighbours might be like to the new transport links and what goes on in the local community, it can all be a bit daunting. Below are a few of the main things to look into when moving house to a new location to take away some of those pre-move jitters.

Local transport links 

Knowing what your new town or cities main transport links is important as it opens up a lot of possibility. From visiting friends to nipping into town to looking for new employment opportunities transport links are crucial so it’s essential that you do your research. First things first look at public transport, things like whether you can catch a bus into town, how regular it will be, how expensive a taxi will be home from an evening out and how to get on a main train line. 

House prices

The main thing to research before moving to a different area is the house prices in that area. For example, those living in the south of the country often pay a lot more for a house than those in the north. House Network have sold houses across the country so have a great idea of how much a property is worth in a certain area. As well as house prices being more expensive in different areas, cost of living tends to vary so it’s important to do your research and work out whether or not your move is financially viable. 


Checking out the crime levels in an area is always a wise move before moving there. Although your home may well be perfectly safe, the crime level can affect things like your car insurance and home insurance prices so it’s an important factor. The police have a Crime Map where you can enter the postcode of your area to find out the statistics which may well be worth considering. 

Moving house to a new location means there are so many important things to research. Things like local schools and colleges are important if you have children or intend on starting a family as is local clubs and distance to gyms and social activities. Generally, finding an area you like is the first step and then researching the above should be the next step from there.