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Our favourites apps of 2016 so far

15th March 2016 Print

Mobile apps come and go; some thrive for a few months due to the latest gaming trends only to be forgotten about as time goes on, where some apps become mobile must-haves with users sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next update. New apps enter the marketplace constantly and this makes finding the best apps out there difficult to find.

2016 is no different, with an abundance of new apps taking advantage of new technology released every day. We all look for different purposes in the apps we use, but there are some new apps which make so many of life’s mundane tasks a little simpler – not to mention they can keep us occupied during the more boring parts of the day.

Below, we’ll briefly detail some of our favourite apps this year, kicking off with Charge App that takes one of the more modern annoyances out of life; bringing our phone back to life when we’re out and about without the necessary plug charging equipment.

New Apps To Look Out For:

- ChargeApp – This application has been designed to charge your phone while on the go. This is genuine, unlike previous joke apps that have had us shaking our phones frantically without seeing a result. Charging stations are popping up everywhere, one of the more recent ones being at Heathrow Airport, and it means that you can give your phone a little extra power while you’re on the move.

- VLC for Mobile – The latest version of this app for 2016 sees many bug fixes and improved usability compared with earlier releases. VLC is a media player loved by millions of movie lovers around the globe with a top-notch ability to play almost any media file. Now, you can watch all your favourite shows on the move.

- Cheeky Fingers – This is a fantastic app for those who’ve always wanted to learn the piano. You can set the volume down as to not wake the household up and it contains many intuitive features to help you get the feel of music theory and how to construct chords. 

- 1Password – We know that keeping our accounts as secure as possible means thinking of original and difficult to guess passwords. But with all the things we subscribe to nowadays, keeping on top of different passwords can become a very difficult task. This secure app takes all the hard work out of remembering passwords and is definitely one to watch for 2016.

The pace of technological advancement is not slowing down and there are many more apps to watch out for as we progress into 2016. In our opinion, moving forward with mobile apps can only be a good thing. Removing stress from our lives is never going to be something we complain about after all, so keeping in touch with what’s out there will only benefit you in both the short and long term.