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What to do and where to go in Shepherds Bush

15th March 2016 Print

At a quick glance Shepherds Bush seems like a quiet residential area, with not much to offer in the form of tourism.  However, if you know where to look you can find days worth of activities, delicious restaurants and pubs, and terrific accommodations.  Below are just a few things to do while in Shepherd’s Bush:

- A trip to Shepherd’s Bush is not complete without visiting the Shepherds Bush Green, a large, beautiful and relaxing 8-acre grass area located in the middle of Shepherds Bush.    

- Stay in one of the many elegant hotels Shepherds Bush has to offer.

- Have a drink and relax at Princess Victoria.  This brilliant gastro pub offers a delicious British menu and fine craft beer.  

Nightlife And Shepherds Bush Empire

In terms of nightlife, Shepherd’s Bush Empire is a great place to see a live show.  This historical venue, originally built in 1903, offers 3 different levels of seating and hosts musicians from all different genres.  Situated in the heart of Shepherds Bush you can catch a great live show and easily walk back to your room at the Dorsett Hotel in Shepherds Bush.  Although the capacity of the venue is a mere 2,000 people, world class acts such as The Rolling Stones have played there. Even if you cannot make it for a live show, seeing the building itself is worth the visit, with its beautiful and unique architecture. Make sure you check the venue’s schedule before your trip to see if any exciting events are happening during your stay.

Planning Your Trip To Shepherds Bush

Shepherds Bush is a seemingly quiet, residential area, however anyone with a computer and Internet access can plan day’s worth of things to do while in town. Travel websites have made planning everything about your trip as easy as a click of a mouse. Everything from reserving a hotel on a site such as to planning an evening of drinks and dancing can be done from home.  Here are a few recommendations for planning your trip to Shepherd’s Bush:

- Get the best value for your money by doing some research about restaurants and pubs beforehand.  Many times you can save time and money while enjoying the best food and beverage a city has to offer by going on peer reviewed food critic websites.

- Look into exciting nightlife activities and see if any shows or live performances are happening during your time in Shepherd’s Bush.  

- Make sure you allow yourself enough time to see everything Shepherds Bush has to offer.  More times than not, at the end of a holiday you find yourself wishing you had just one or two more days.  Assemble a loose itinerary and ensure you have allotted enough time.

Shepherds Bush may seem like a small sector of London primarily for residents and people coming in for business.  Nevertheless, you will be surprised at the fun filled activities, delectable restaurants and pubs, and energetic nightlife in Shepherds Bush.  Book your trip to Shepherd’s Bush now!