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Friday is the most dangerous day to be a young driver

25th March 2016 Print

Young drivers are most likely to have to claim on their motor insurance in March, furthermore Friday is the day when there are the most claims from 17-25 year olds according to new data from the Co-operative Insurance.

This year, Good Friday (today), is the last Friday in March so many young drivers will be breathing a sigh of relief, especially as the next most dangerous month is seven months away.

According to the new data from the Co-operative Young Driver Insurance October is the second most likely month a young driver has to claim with November the third.

The claims that are received range from road traffic collisions to damage claims.

Jonathan Guy, head of claims at the Co-operative Insurance, said: “Our data shows that there are clearly riskier times to drive if you are a young driver aged 17-25. This could be for a range of reasons from rainy conditions on the road, to low sunlight, to icy conditions being less frequent and drivers thinking it is safe to speed.

“Inevitably accidents do happen but there are many things that people can do to reduce the risk and stay safe all year round. Remembering the basics, from driving within speed limits, to not using mobile phones in the car and being careful not to drive too close to vehicles in front, can really make a positive difference.

“Policies such as our Young Driver product also offer young driver’s tips on how to improve their driving, and incentivise people to drive safely by offering premium discounts which will hopefully lead to safer communities around the country.”

Co-op Young Driver Insurance

Data recently released  by the Co-operative Insurance has found that on average its Young Driver policyholders receive £120 back in their pockets in the first year of taking out their policy

The Young Driver Insurance policy works by rewarding policyholders for safe driving and the Co-operative Insurance was one of the first mainstream insurance providers to bring telematics to the mainstream market. It prices discounts based on four factors:

Speed – keeping within limits

Acceleration and Breaking – not accelerating/ breaking suddenly

Cornering – driving in a controlled manner around corners

Time of driving – certain times can be riskier to drive at

Conversely, policyholders who drive badly may also see an increase in the amount they pay for insurance.