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The Share Centre launches a mobile app to make investing simply easier

8th August 2016 Print

Paul White, Head of Customer Engagements at The Share Centre, comments on how The Share Centre’s new app will make investing simply easier:

“We are delighted to announce the launch of The Share Centre’s easy-to-use app which is available for download now on both apple and android devices. The app is designed to be utilised by all investors, on tablet and mobile, and whether they are customers of The Share Centre or not.

“The platform will provide information on the top risers and fallers, provide latest headlines from our news feed as well as be able to view our expert analysts’ share tips and fund recommendations.

“Furthermore, the research capability means that investors have the capability to analyse performance and price amongst many other things, as well as bookmark and track a wide range of investments before they buy.

“It will also be a great tool for customers at The Share Centre as they will be able to check account balances, keep track of their investments and sync their watchlist from our website whilst on the go.

“The launch of the mobile app is just another example of how The Share Centre is continuing to expand its services to help enhance investors’ choices.”