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How to improve your business with the latest technologies

22nd August 2016 Print

Investing in new technology is a great way to help forward your business. With advances in technology meaning that everyday jobs can be made faster, more efficient and better quality with the click of a button it makes sense for businesses to use the latest technology to grow. Here’s a few ways you can improve your business with the latest technology:

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is essential for businesses. Not only does it mean you have a secure internet based back-up of all files and folders which cannot go missing, it also enables much better working relations and collaborations on work. As all colleagues can log into the network from different locations across the globe, it means colleagues can edit documents from home and they’ll be updated for other users too. 

Laser Jet Printers

One of the best methods of printing is a laser jet printer. By purchasing a laser jet printer for your office you’ll be able to make lots of savings. From the super speedy printing time to the lower print costs and the network which multiple colleagues can connect to, a laser jet printer means that there’s no need for any other type of printer, so you’ll make huge savings by only needing one and the quality of print outs is super high, so you’ll give off a much more professional image to clients and customers. 

Standing Desks

One of the main problems office workers face is back problems and health complaints from spending so many hours per day sat at a desk. In order to combat this a number of new types of desks have been developed, from a standard standing desk to desks on a treadmill and exercise bike which encourage employees to stay active whilst at work. Incorporating these into your office can be really beneficial for your business as it shows you’re a responsible employer concerned about your employee’s health and can help to prevent sickness and absence in employees. 

Skype for Business

Downloading Skype for Business is a great way to encourage employees to communicate with each other quickly and informally. Much faster than using email, users can create multiple skype groups which help when working on group projects and tasks so users can quickly get a response to their question without having to leave their desks.

Using these 4 pieces of technology you can greatly increase the speed, productivity and efficiency of your business, helping it to improve and grow.