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How to make employees feel valued in the workplace

1st November 2016 Print

We all know that a happy workforce means a more productive workforce. So how can we make sure our employees are feeling valued? Are we keeping up morale in the office and communicating clearly with our staff or are we giving out mixed messages? No one wants to be seen as a David Brent-style boss. Here are our top tips to help keep your staff happy and motivated:

Be clear and open: When setting tasks make sure that your employees understand exactly what they are being asked to do. There’s nothing more frustrating for someone than spending hours on a task and coming back to the boss with the completed project only to hear the answer: “Well, that’s not quite what I was looking for…”

Training: Ensuring your staff receive the skills they need to do their job is an important part of running a business. It also means they feel you are investing in their future. Consider a sales training company to give your employees the skills they need to help build a strong organisation, increase morale and revenue.

Trust: Don’t be afraid to delegate. Give your employees responsibility and trust them to get on with the job. They’ll feel respected and respect you at the same time. Listen to their ideas and put them into practice.

Employee discount schemes: Is there a discount on a product or a service you provide that you can offer to your staff? There are also schemes that can offer your staff cashback when they shop with a number of well-known brands, while promoting your business at the same time. It’s a way of recognising all of your employees and letting them know they’re appreciated.

Newsletters: Keep people in the workplace up-to-date with what is going on in the business. One of the main gripes that can come from staff is that there is a lack of communication in their business. Make sure you keep your staff informed either through a circular newsletter (online or printed) or a noticeboard. 

Listen: When you give feedback to your staff really listen to what they have to say. Ensure your feedback is constructive and give them a chance to respond. When giving feedback, make sure you’re not just giving negative messages; highlight the positives at the same time. Avoid sentences such as ‘this was really good, but….” The word ‘but’ tends to contradict what was said in the first part of the sentence.

Say thank you – a simple thank you goes a long way to making someone feel their efforts have been recognised. It’s even better when it is said in person rather than through text or email.

Be approachable – let your employees know that your door is open. Avoid doing all of your communication with your staff through office email. Be personable and be seen in the office. 

Be a leader – employees appreciate clear leadership. That doesn’t mean lists of rules pinned to the office wall but setting clear objectives and deadlines. If there are targets to be met make sure all employees know what the targets are. If you set a meeting, stick to the planned date and time. Be honest and direct.

Remember their birthday - saying ‘happy birthday’ to an employee will really remind them they’re part of the team and definitely make them feel valued.