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Revealed - 58% of Brits want to escape the cold this Christmas and holiday somewhere hot

11th November 2016 Print

As the cold weather draws in and focus shifts to Christmas festivities, a new study conducted by a UK money saving and voucher code website can reveal that over half of Brits would like to escape the cold and go on holiday somewhere hot for Christmas rather than spend it at home.

Looking to discover where Britons would like to spend the festive season, voucher code and money saving website has undertaken a new piece of research to find out whether people want to be at home or away for Christmas. 

The team at polled a total of 2,158 UK adults, all over the age of 18, for this study, initially asking: “Would you like to spend Christmas at home or away on holiday?” Whilst the vast majority (70%) said they wanted to spend Christmas at home, 30% said they would like to be on holiday instead. 

To find out what type of holiday people would like to go on, they then asked those who stated they wanted to be on holiday for Christmas: “Where would you want to go?” Respondents could choose from a number of options, the results can be seen below: 

- Abroad somewhere hot – 58%
- Abroad somewhere cold – 23%
- A cottage in the UK – 12%
- A hotel in the UK – 5%
- Abroad seeing family – 2%

With the majority of respondents stating they would like to go on holiday somewhere hot, the team at My Voucher Codes then asked: “Why would you want to go away for Christmas?” Participants were able to choose from a list of options, the results can be seen below: 

- I want to have a change – 53%
- I don’t like the cold weather – 23%
- I want to go somewhere Christmassy like Lapland– 19%
- I don’t celebrate Christmas – 3%
- Family live abroad – 1%
- Get away from family – 1%

Speaking about the results Managing Director of My Voucher Codes, Chris Reilly, said: “Christmas can be a stressful time with pressure to create the ‘perfect’ Christmas for family and friends, coupled with the cold and miserable weather we can have at this time of year in the UK it can make people feeling a little glum. So it’s no surprise that many Brits want to get away from it all and go somewhere hot.”

He added: “For many people Christmas can feel like you’re doing the same thing year after year. A different experience at Christmas might just be what you need, a Christmas spent sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere hot is one you won’t forget in a hurry!”