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Modern workers facing office pain

4th June 2017 Print
Office workers

Like many of us already suspected, it turns out that working in an office can actually be bad for your health. There are a lot of ways in which office work can affect you negatively, with the highlights being back pain, dry skin, and a susceptibility to colds or other illnesses. Here are a few ways to combat all of the above, and ensure that your office job doesn’t put you in an early grave.

Back Pain

Back pain is predominantly caused by the posture forced by sitting in a chair all day long at a desk. Humans have evolved to engage in a number of activities every day, which may include sitting, walking, running, bending, and so forth. Our modern lives are increasingly sedentary, which is leading to a lot of problems with the spine. There are a number of ways to fight this. Experts recommend that you should take a few minutes out of every hour to stand up, walk around, and stretch. Some are opting for standing desks, although these may bring their own problems since they require standing for long periods of time. You can also see a physiotherapist if the back pain persists. If you ignore it, you may be in for back muscle spasms, pain in the legs and hips, trouble walking, trouble sleeping, and much more. If you’re a woman and facing double back pain from a large chest, be sure to consider having a reconstruction which could make things easier for you.

Dry Skin 

Having a seat near an air conditioning unit will just about guarantee you face this problem, and it can lead to dried-out hair, eyes, and throats too. There are a lot of issues which can arise out of these, so it’s important to tackle them at the source. One option is to try opening the windows more and running the air con less, though this might not be feasible in your personal situation. Make sure to moisturise your skin daily with a good quality moisturiser, which will bring nutrients without leaving a greasy feel. You can also use conditioner to strengthen your hair, put eye drops in to keep your eyes healthy, and drink water regularly through the day. These will help get a bit of that hydration back into your body.

Office Illnesses

You know how it is: when one person gets ill, suddenly the whole office does. Germs spread easily in enclosed spaces, and a lot of us have particularly unhelpful personal habits. Make sure to clean your desk regularly, paying special attention to your keyboard, mouse, and phone. Be courteous to others by covering your mouth to keep germs in if you cough or sneeze. You should also stock up on vitamin supplements and be sure to get your 5 portions of fruit or veg a day so that your immune system is fighting fit. When you do get ill, remember that hot and filling meals, a good night’s sleep, and clearing out germs by blowing your nose are the keys to getting better quicker.

Though the office can be a source of physical pain as much as it is mental stress, you don’t have to let either of them beat you. Don’t ignore lasting pain or illness – fight it with these tips and return to good health.

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Office workers