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Failure to take cover at festivals could leave you out of pocket

25th June 2017 Print

With this year’s festival season now upon us, Halifax Insurance is offering some tips to festival goers who may be risking hundreds of pounds worth of gadgets and valuables if they don’t have the right cover.  

Tim Downes, senior claims manager, Halifax Insurance, said:  “Summer events such as festivals can be a haven for pick pockets as people are more relaxed than normal.  It’s therefore important that people make sure they are adequately insured for belongings outside the home to avoid putting a dampener on any upcoming festivities.”

Halifax Insurance Top Tips for festival goers

Take pictures of each valuable item being taken and store on a device that won’t be travelling with you. Keep receipts as proof of purchase can help speed up your claim

Avoid leaving valuables in unattended tents and cars 

Ensure you bring only necessary cash and store close on your person

Only take necessary items and consider what you can share with friends

Consider leaving your smartphone at home and substituting with an old pay-as-you go mobile instead, which won’t be as attractive to thieves and won’t matter as much  if lost

If you do have to take a smartphone, make sure it is insured and backed up

Take a small bag with zipped openings that can be worn on your person

Store valuable belongings in the bottom of your sleeping bag when going to sleep

Use designated lock-up areas if provided

Immediately report anything lost or stolen to the police and ask for a crimereference number as your insurer will require this if you need to claim                                      

Most popular festival items 

1. Wallet/purse 

2. Smartphone 

3. Clothing 

4. Sunglasses 

5. Bag