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The cost of fame: entertainers and sportspeople pay highest car insurance premiums

19th July 2017 Print

New data from has revealed how the cost of a year’s car insurance could increase by nearly double, based solely on a chosen career path, with entertainers and sportspeople topping a new league table for the highest costs.

Professional highs

An analysis of 100 professions, keeping all risk factors the same, showed there’s a price to pay for fame. Entertainers and sportspeople top the league, both at £1,408.61 for a year’s cover. In third place, £257 cheaper, is a DJ at £1,151.86, followed by those who drive for a profession, with taxi drivers paying from £1,105.97 per year. Those who spend most of their time cooking might be surprised to find that chefs are in fifth place for the most expensive annual premiums at £1,084.16. 

Top 5 Most Expensive Car Premiums By Profession

Profession - Car Insurance Quote

Entertainer £1,408.61

Sportsperson £1,408.61

DJ £1,151.86

Taxi Driver £1,105.97

Chef £1,084.16

Professional lows

On the other end of the spectrum, it pays being good with numbers as accountants strike out luckiest, paying the lowest in car insurance at £706.72 per year. The verdict is good for judges who also feature on the lower-end scale, alongside astronomers, police officers and fire fighters, who all pay less than a NHS surgeon, soldier or Member of Parliament.

Top 5 Least Expensive Car Insurance Premiums By Profession

Profession - Car Insurance Quote

Accountant £706.72

Ambulance Driver £738.08

Judge £738.08

Queens Council £748.08

Paramedic £748.16

Simon McCulloch, Director of Insurance at said: “Insurers use a complex algorithms to determine an individual’s premium, with profession making a big impact on the annual cost of an individual’s car insurance. An assumption on the time of day a professional is likely to be on the road, plus the number of hours behind the wheel, may be taken into consideration, in addition to the insurer’s claims experience with each job category. Our new league table puts entertainers and sportspeople neck and neck at £1,408 whilst the cheapest profession comes in a massive £660 cheaper at £748.”