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Best Bonfire Night Displays in the UK

5th October 2017 Print

There’s nothing more disappointing than going to an average firework display on Bonfire Night, where the event is just not up to scratch. If you’re making the effort to brave the cold and head outside on the night, it better be worth it!

National bus operator Stagecoach has created this guide to some of the best Bonfire Night displays in the UK. With affordable bus fares, you can enjoy all of the fun of the 5th of November without breaking the bank!

What is Bonfire Night?

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder treason, should ever be forgot.

The 5th of November marks the day that Guy Fawkes failed to kill King James I and his entire government at the Houses of Parliament in 1605. Guy Fawkes was motivated by religion, thinking that by killing the entire government and the reigning monarch, he would be able to restore Protestant England to his desired faith — Catholic.

After placing 36 barrels of gunpowder in cellars beneath Parliament, another man in Guy Fawkes’ club sent a letter to his friend who worked in Parliament telling him to stay away that night. Supporters of the King had read the letter and immediately told the guards about the plan. In good time, the guards arrested the plotters in the cellars and then tortured and executed them for treason.

Traditionally, people create a dummy of Guy Fawkes and then throw it onto the burning fire although this seems to be becoming less common in the modern day. Now we celebrate with spectacular fireworks, fire, fast food and music. So where are the best places to go in the UK for Bonfire Night? 

Southwark Park, London

Firework displays in Central London are worth the trip outside – even if you need to wear extra layers. Southwark’s Fireworks Night is celebrating 14 years of displays and will aim to make 2017 bigger and better than ever before. Not only are there fireworks to keep you entertained, but a children’s funfair too. Buying tickets in advance is recommended but if you do end up missing out, you might be able to see the display from Tower Bridge and the bright lights will reflect heavenly on the Thames.

George V Park, Edinburgh

Edinburgh can make the perfect destination to celebrate Bonfire Night – whether you attend an actual display or head to Arthur’s Seat or Calton Hill to witness views from above the city. The George V Park display is one of the most charitable local events around – with all profits going towards good causes so heading to this event, you’ll feel a real sense of community. £4,000 is being spent alone on fireworks, so make sure to grab your tickets in time.

Saltwell Park, Gateshead

If you’re looking for a fun night of fireworks, fire and live music, look no further than Saltwell Park in Gateshead. Saltwell Park has teamed up with regional radio station Metro Radio and intu Metrocentre to bring a spectacular display that families and friends can celebrate together. The Saltwell Park display includes a children’s fairground and will even have a celebrity appearance by the MetroGnomes. To attend, you need tickets, so book them in advance to secure your place.

Woodhouse Moor, Leeds

Close to the city centre, you’ve got no excuse not to attend this incredible firework display — make sure that you arrive a little early to avoid missing out on any of the action. This event is known to bring communities together, from families to students who have just started university. The display is known to have some of the best fireworks in Leeds and it’s completely free

Seaham, Durham

If you’re wanting to experience something a little different than your local park, why not head to the seafront? At the Seaham Firework Display, you will be able to see the reflections of the bursting fireworks across the sea and against the black sky. Don’t worry about costs, because this event is free! To find out more information, click here.

So where are you heading this Bonfire Night? Make sure to wrap up, enjoy the night and stay safe!