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Why the E cig industry will flourish again in 2018

8th October 2017 Print

E-cigarette businesses are having a successful year in 2017 and they all look set to have another cracking year going into 2018. The inventor of e-cigs, Hon Lik, probably didn’t expect his invention to have such a massive global appeal within the first decade of its release – but it’s definitely surpassed all expectations. Experts believe the e-cig market is set to be worth an astounding £25 billion by 2021. In fact, figures show sales grew by 29.9% in February 2017 alone – and that looks to be the start of even better things to come. 

But, why will the market continue to make huge strides going into 2018?

E-Cigs Are Getting More Exposure

According to statistics, the e-cig market in America is much bigger than that of the UK, but even the value of the industry in the UK is worth nearly £5 billion already. The fact is, the more people that start using e-cig products, the more exposure they’re going to get. The product is trending in different industries and, with the multiple other advances in technology that are expected to happen, the world is e-cig’s oyster. The industry will carry on getting heaps of exposure because of the unique developments in the pipeline.

More E-Liquid Variety for E-Cig Owners

When you look at the variety of e-liquids on the market you’ll already be surprised. However, that trend is set to continue with more manufacturers getting involved around the world. Manufacturers need to stay competitive, so they’re all looking at new ingredients to combine with existing products to create more unique tastes that consumers crave. 

Of course, it’s not just the variety of flavours on offer, it’s also the types of liquids. E-liquid producers are now taking advantage of natural tobacco flavourings, whereas others are opting to produce menthol e liquid based products. The variety of liquids that enter the market will only create more exposure and get more consumers interested. 

Better Features 

With the competition of the market expected to rise further, it’s only going to promote new features. E-cigs are currently pretty basic products and they’re only popular because of the vapour technology integrated. However, unique features are expected to make an appearance in 2018 and that could create a platform for other manufacturers to come up with something special. It’s only a matter of time before our e-cigs have their own legs and are inhaling through us. 

Improved Technology

E-cigs already do the trick, but there’s always room for improvement. With new features coming into play, manufacturers will likely be looking at the technology that’s already present to see what they can do to improve it. While many manufacturers will be introducing new features, many others will be tinkering with the existing technology to see what others have missed. It’s one of the things that happens in all new product trends and, without it, there wouldn’t be enough competition needed to boost exposure. 

More Competition

Many more manufacturers are popping up all over the world because they feel they have something to offer that other manufacturers don’t. Again, this will increase exposure further and will increase appeal in countries where e-cigs aren’t currently that popular. Chinese manufacturers have always been popular for overseas investors, but more competition could well come from Europe because the devices are built from cheap materials that increase profit margins considerably. 


Tougher competition, improved technology, unique features, and more variety are just some of the reasons why the market will continue to grow. Whatever changes to the development of e-cigs remains to be seen, but the industry itself looks set to flourish whatever happens thanks to the exposure e-cigs are getting worldwide.