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Essential equipment for the worksite

20th February 2018 Print

If you’re working on a new project, then you’ve probably thought out the materials and tools that you will need. There is other equipment that you may have missed out on, here’s a checklist of the essential equipment that you need to have.

Eye Protection

Your eyes can easily be damaged from debris or dust on a worksite. Sanding, painting and using power tools are times that you should definitely be protecting your eyes. Even the smallest particles can have a damaging effect on your eyesight in the long term, so don’t take the risk!

On the TRIMACO website you can browse a huge catalogue to see the various types of eye protection on offer, as well as the various prices. Be sure to take into account the kind of dangers that will be on the worksite, before you pick the right eyewear for the task. 

Protection for the Area

We all know a person on the worksite that makes a huge mess! Using the right protective equipment, like dust sheets and foot coverings means that you will have a smaller task when it comes to tidying up. Plaster and paint can ruin carpets and soft furnishings, some of which can be irreplaceable – cover them up and you won’t need to worry about it.

If you’re working for a commercial client, then they will appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to protect the area. Clean and tidy tradesmen are often hard to come by, if you cultivate this reputation then you might just have the edge over the competition.


Most of us will wear work clothes to a worksite, but coveralls aren’t just for protecting your clothes. They also protect the skin, which can be essential if you’re working with potentially hazardous materials. You can get lightweight or heavier coveralls, depending on the job and location, which will protect you from the mess and from any irritation too.

These generally aren’t too expensive either, so make the small investment to ensure that you’re covered up and safe when you’re working. You don’t want to get splashed by a hazardous material! 


If you’re working with anything that creates fumes or small particles, then you should also wear a mask. This will prevent you from breathing in these fumes, which can irritate your lungs and throat. Assess whether you need these for the job at hand before you go ahead and order some up. 

Again, these come in a few different styles depending on the task. You can go for heavy duty ones to protect you from paint fumes, or a lighter style if you’re just sanding down a soft surface. Breathing in these fumes and particles has been proven to cause health issues, so regardless of how long the job is – make sure you are protected!

If you’re doing any sort of labour on the worksite then make sure you have this essential equipment. These will keep you safer and also make the job a lot easier, just follow our checklist and you’ll be ready to work.