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What are the main keys to business success?

25th April 2018 Print

Starting a business is no mean feat, so it is hardly surprising that around 40% of businesses fail within the first five years. Whilst there are many different reasons for business failure (lack of funding, too much competition, sheer bad luck), there are steps which every business can take to minimise the chances of failure and maximise chances of success. Here are some of the main ways businesses can navigate the common pitfalls and achieve success. 


All business operations need to have an overarching goal which the business is striving to achieve. As such, the business plan is one of the most important parts of any business, be it a startup or global corporation. 

The plan should contain details on how the business will fulfil its aims, as well as accurate budgets and information gleaned from market research. That being said, it should still be fairly flexible to ensure that the business is adaptable (given the rate of change in today’s economic and corporate landscape). 

Customer Service

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and so should always be the main priority. Providing stellar customer service is usually simple, yet it yields massive benefits to any business. Happy customers are, after all, much more likely to provide repeat custom, especially if they are given a great experience when using any given business. 

This means that any customer queries should be dealt with effectively (many businesses have a dedicated customer service team), and customer suggestions should be taken seriously (especially with startups still finding their feet). 


Finally, it is also crucial that all businesses plan for growth, and continually reinvest in themselves in order to stimulate growth. Those businesses which never reinvest will, in nearly all cases, stagnate, and have a high chance of failing. 

If it is an option, it may well be worth considering working with specialist firms to help boost productivity and growth prospects. Those businesses which deal extensively with technology, for example, may well want to use a specialist company like Hymans to get the most out of the technology they use. 

These constitute some of the basic ingredients to business success. Every business is, of course, different, and there are plenty of different ways to accomplish financial goals and keep customers interested. That being said, it is crucial to get the basics right first, as this will lay a solid foundation for growth and prosperity further down the line.