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Everything you need to know about the Insight Technology Conference

6th August 2018 Print

In the world of business, no one doubts that technology is the way forward and the only way to advance in your industry is to stay current on such things as machine learning, data analytics, automation and how chatbots can improve the customer experience. This is the driving force of the Insight Technology Conference to be held in Manchester Central on Tuesday 18 September from 10:00 to 15:00. Any business hoping to enhance their customer experience while seeking more productive ways to use technology is invited to attend. You can get registration information on the Insight website.

If you are going to register as a participant, make sure to get an early entry so that you can begin preparing your presentation and your booth. There is still time to prepare a thematic approach and to begin designing your stand. You want to draw attention to what you are offering in the line of technology or advancements in customer care, and so you should begin designing your exhibition stand that will support you at your event. Take a look at a banner stand from because the time is drawing near and everything must be ready before that eventful day.

A Brief Look at What You Will Find at the Conference

Delegates at the conference are all invited to share insights they have gained in the past year since the last meeting and will have an opportunity to deliberate how technology is enhancing the way in which they are able to connect with customers in their industry. Not only do advances in technology enhance the customer experience but it also enables businesses to better connect with their workforce. Many businesses have remote workers in the field, and technology is their lifeline to success through the enhanced communication it brings.

Participants from Around the World

One of the best benefits of the conference will be participation from businesses and technology influencers from around the world. The conference is not limited to UK participants and so those in attendance will be able to gather a broader perspective on a global level. With so much commerce being conducted online, the key to broadening your reach is to better understand the global marketplace. It is advised that you take the opportunity to visit some of the stands from other countries to see how they are improving customer relations locally as well as how they reach out to a global market. Part of their success is due to having an international reach and this is something many businesses could benefit from.

Local Hotels and Restaurants

If you have never attended the Insight Technology Conference, Manchester Central, or have never visited this amazing city, you may wish to extend your stay prior to the conference or for a few days following it. There are a number of hotel partners you can find listed on the Manchester Central website that also provides information on what to expect at the conference. Whether you are looking for a luxurious hotel suite for your team or are seeking a dining place to meet with other business professionals you meet at the conference, there are several suggestions you might find to your liking.

When all is said and done, there is nothing quite as enriching as networking with others in your industry, as well as those who are specialists in the field of technology. Whether you are trying to gather a larger clientele on a local level or reaching out to the world at large, coming to grips with the latest technology is where you’ll find success. This conference is intended to set you on just that path, so learn a lot and do take the time to experience some of the delightful hotels and restaurants in Manchester. It’s a day you’ll never forget.