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Vaping just got easier with new pod system starter kits

23rd September 2018 Print

The vaping industry is only getting bigger. More people enjoy vaping as a hobby, which is why brands and OEMs are innovating and releasing new products to meet the growing market demand. Aside from new vape liquid, there are also new mods and atomisers with intriguing new features.

The latest innovation from the vaping world is the pod-based vaping system. Unlike the older atomisers, pods – also known as closed systems – are designed to be as convenient as they can be. Vaping is now easier with pod system starter kits and we are going to discuss why in this article.

Closed System

As mentioned before, pod-based kits are also known as closed system vaporisers. They are called closed system because the pods are entirely closed, meaning you cannot get to the actual coil or atomiser without breaking the pod.

Convenience is the reason why pod-based vaporisers are now very popular. You no longer have to worry about cleaning the tank, changing your coils, or even wicking to enjoy good vaping experience. You take a fresh pod, fill it with the vape juice of your choice, and start vaping.

The pods are also unique from brand to brand. They have magnetic connectors on them and they attach firmly to the battery included in the kit. Modern pods have unique shapes so that they will only work as part of the kit.

Starter Kits to Choose From

One of the most popular pod-based starter kits is the Juul Starter Vape Kit, or Juul. Juul is the ideal implementation of pod-based vaping for a number of reasons. First of all, the pod used by Juul is pre-filled, so you don’t need to manually fill the pod with liquid.

The overall shape and form factor of the device is also ideal. Juul is one of the smallest starter kits on the market. It fits nicely in your pocket and can be used at any time. The kit includes several flavours to try too.

Other kits are just as interesting. The Suorin Drop is designed to look like a water drop. You have the Silver Pod Mod Kit by Tesla with its industrial design. SMOK, a well-known brand in the vaping world, recently released the SMOK Novo Pod Vape Kit to join the excitement.

More Benefits to Enjoy

Using a pod-based vaporiser makes vaping very convenient. The pods are designed to be completely user-friendly - even the ones that need to be filled with vape juice manually. They are also very high quality, eliminating common issues like leaking and misfiring.

Users are starting to review pod-based starter kits and the majority of them are very happy with the starter kits they selected. It is also worth noting that there are a lot of promotional offers on pod starter kits, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to give this new system a try.

The system is also fully automatic. There are no buttons and complicated settings to worry about. Simply take a drag through the mouthpiece and the device will automatically vaporise the liquid inside the pod. Newer pods are producing thicker vapor for a fuller, more punchy vaping sensation.

It doesn’t stop there either. The liquid for pod-based vaporisers uses a substance known as Salt Nic. The liquid is designed to have more punch compared with conventional vape juice. This is to compensate the lower heat produced by the pods while boosting vapor production at the same time.

The Future

Just like mods and atomisers were rapidly advancing a few years ago, we are now seeing pod-based starter kits also improving. If you browse through the starter kit catalogue on, the best UK vape shop for vaping enthusiasts, you will see newer kits producing more power, more vapor, and offering additional features and advantages.

Pod-based starter kits are not meant to replace existing atomisers and mods. They are designed for a different market segment. Vaping enthusiasts who want to continue vaping anywhere without carrying a large kit all the time will certainly find the newer pod starter kits to be appealing.

The new system is also appealing to casual users, especially those who are just getting started with vaping. The kits are pocketable and are easy to keep with you at all times. While the pods are small, they can carry more than 1.5ml of liquid; this is more than enough to last an entire day.

Other technologies used by vaporisers are also improving. Batteries are getting smaller and can hold more power, so you can expect the pods to get even smaller in the future. The circuits are also more efficient, and a new generation of wires are making coils – the core of the atomisers – more efficient.

Vaping just got easier with the newer pod system starter kits. Expect vaping to be even more popular with these starter kits attracting new fans and enthusiasts.