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How free care home software is disrupting the UK care sector

3rd October 2018 Print

Caring for people is a challenging, time-consuming and expensive thing to do. For carers, they have difficulty trying to help the person they’re looking after, whilst staying organised and making time for their own family too. And for care homes, keeping up with the needs of multiple residents and care workers covering different working shifts is hard. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with administrative tasks and resident care can suffer when that happens. Quality care home software helps carers stay on top of everything. 

What is Care Home Software?

Care home software runs on computers and smartphones. It lets carers see details of each person under their care. Using a care coordination platform, they can stay updated when providing care at someone’s home or doing their rounds at a UK care home. 

The software can include details about residents in a care home, what medical issues they currently have, and the medicine or other care being provided. It’s like the care plan files and care notes in every care office. Now, it’s just more confidential and private because it’s stored in the cloud and carers only see what Care Managers deem necessary.

How is It Helpful to UK Carers and Care Homes?

For UK carers and care homes, free care home software can keep a log of who is being looked after that day or a specific resident under their care. Any recent incidents that all staff should know about can be separately listed. This way, if a resident injures their shoulder, all the carers can know about it. They can help to make the service-user’s circumstances convenient and avoid further injuries. This is much better than relying on word of mouth where messages often get muddled each time they’re passed along from person to person. 

When older people receiving care need something regularly, like once a week, this is added to a list by a Senior or Care Manager. Carers and Support Workers who look after this person can see the weekly tasks and tend to them when required. Tasks to be completed on the next visit or during the daytime at a care home get added to a To Do list. They don’t get forgotten about. Quality of care goes up because carers can consistently keep on top of their patients’ needs. This is great news for the carers, the care home operators, and the elderly people in their care. 

Why Free Software Is Good for the UK Carer Industry

It has not always been easy to find software that is easy to use. The solutions that were once available were expensive, outdated, and not very helpful. Carers struggled to make use of the complicated software which took them away from proving care. Independent carers usually couldn’t afford the pricey software either. Software companies often made their software more advanced to justify their high prices. But with added features, carers struggled to learn how to use the software. They were busy enough already!

Providing free care software like does makes it available to all carers. It delivers just enough information to be useful, but not be overwhelming. The right features help carers to begin using the app faster too, so they can reap the benefits sooner. It’s also designed specifically for carers, so it’s far more useful than a written To-Do list they carry around in their pocket. Also, there’s no sticking point with pricing and who will pay for the software because it’s free. It just makes UK carers’ lives easier. 

Does Free Software Really Help the People Being Cared For?

Most carers employed by care homes don’t sit in front of a computer all day. But they do have a phone to be contactable. A mobile app that runs on a phone keeps resident information organised and it stays private. 

Most UK carers employed by care homes take care of several people at the same time. Remembering what they must do for each resident gets confusing. With a good carer app, tasks for each person in their care have the resident’s name attached, so they won’t get confused. That way, they don’t have to remember everything – they just look at their phone to get a reminder. Whether that means making sure their dietary requirements are catered for, or getting them their medication on time, having more than one person to care for no longer has to be so difficult or tiring.

Free care home software is something of a revolution for carers in the UK. That goes for whether they work alone or in a care home facility. There’s no worry about paying for it just to do their jobs better. Also, it avoids them getting overwhelmed with too many patients and tasks to perform. Staying organised becomes easy. Carers then have more time to focus on the people in their care, which is the way it should be.