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New hybrid estate agent Indlu launches in Manchester

22nd October 2018 Print

Bringing the housing market into the 21st century

These days, most of us actually want to do as much as possible online because it’s so convenient.  Being able to carry out essential tasks on the internet without having to travel to real-world meeting places can help to create more free time for us to spend on what actually matters to us. That’s the real benefit of online estate agents, but for a long time the downfall has been that you had to give up the local knowledge of your high-street realtor. That’s until Indlu came along. Indlu is a local estate agent - online.

Starting in West Manchester and expanding throughout the UK

Indlu have a simple but compelling vision of the housing market, one which they are currently implementing in West and Central Manchester. They have local staff with local knowledge, who serves their customers through online channels (and by phone). This means that Indlu can offer the low prices expected from online estate agents while still providing the level of expertise provided by the best high street estate agents. Indlu is already in the process of expanding into East Manchester and intends that it will eventually have a presence throughout the UK, but it will only expand at the rate its staffing permits, so customers will be able to rest assured that they will always be talking to an expert in their local area, wherever that is.

Dedicated agents

When you choose Indlu, you’ll be talking to real people, who’ll be dedicated to you in every sense of the phrase. They’ll guide your home sale from initial valuation to completion and only once the sale is complete will Indlu take any money from you, that is a guarantee. Indlu’s approach is a blend of the traditional and the modern. For example, Indlu will provide customers with a physical “For Sale” board to help make it easier for buyers to find their property but will also list homes on all the major property portals including Rightmove and Zoopla.

Effective sales listings

Listing your home on a major property portal is not enough to ensure even a viewing, let alone a sale. The fact is that major property portals have literally thousands of listings, so it’s important to present your home in the right way to ensure it has the highest possible chance of being selected for a viewing. This starts with top-quality photographs, particularly the thumbnail image which has to encourage viewers to click through to the detailed description. This description has to be a mix of both hard facts and emotional engagement. 

Buyers need to know all the relevant, basic details of the property (such as the floor plan which Indlu agents will create) but they also need to know what makes the property attractive as a place to live. This is why it’s so important that estate agents are able to craft attractive marketing texts and Indlu agents are all highly skilled at this.

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