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4 easy ways people are making money online today

19th November 2018 Print

Whatever your goals are, there are a number of easy ways to make money online. Many people are making full-time and part-time incomes through the online marketplace. Beyond all the get-rich-quick schemes, there are some solid ways to build an income online if the right mental state is applied to the task. 

One of the massive benefits of earning your living online is that the issue of not having enough time and money is confronted with new potential. When your job limits you to putting in more hours, which you don't have, in order to get more money, which you need, you might be finding yourself burning out at an alarming rate. 

The great thing about making money online is that your cleverness and ingenuity takes the wheel. If you can get yourself to think creatively and learn how to work more effectively, you don't have a limit where you are required to work more hours to earn that extra money. You can grow your income when you choose to if you're willing to learn how. With sufficient understanding of some of the basics, such as sales funnels, SEO and conversion rate optimization, you'll be finding yourself gradually rising to the top of what you thought was possible. 

To stay in the game until that happens, it's important to face a couple of hard truths. There are many individuals and companies online that will advocate how effortless making money online is, but like anything in life, it takes work and dedication to reap the benefits. It can be easy to fall into the traps of buying expensive programs that promise to take you to a million dollars, but being clever and strategic about which resources you seek and how you go about building your online revenue stream will be a task of its own. 

Here are some great ways to start making money online now. 

1. Utilize Money-Making Apps.

If you're looking for a quick way to start making money, this can be a great path for you. The rise of smartphones makes economy apps a viable marketplace. It can be a quick and easy way to start making money if you simply download the app and sign up for the services. There are ridesharing options, delivery services, freelancing and completing tasks for others. 

Servies such as Lyft or Uber and Grubhub can be used if you have a working car and can provide driving services, such as rides or deliveries. Apps such as Swagbucks, iBotta, and Ebates reply on retail purchases, which earn you money back when you shop online. Task rabbit and Fiverr are places that allow people to get paid for specific tasks or contributing to a project. 

There is no shortage on these types of applications, so be sure to familiarize with the different types of services and decide what works for you. 

2. Utilize E-Commerce Platforms

There are many websites that thrive by helping individuals utilize their marketplace, making money for both parties. Many of these can either include passive or active income revenues, selling either physical items of digital products. 

They may have their own apps and typically have a huge marketing budget, doing some of the hard work for you. You can find marketplaces that thrive in retail sales, photography, graphic design, marketing, web development and more. 

Some options are craigslist, which allows you to make sales from second-hand items locally. Upwork and Freelancer which allow you to offer professional or artistic services. Text broker, which pays you by the word to write articles for clients. The handmade marketplace of Etsy. Shutterstock and Pexels, which allows you to sell photographs as stock photos. And Zazzle, which allows you to offer your designs on customizable merchandise. 

3. Start Email Marketing

Email marketing depends on building up your list of email subscriptions, which you can then send marketing emails to. There are simple ways to set up auto-responder email software and generate what is called "lead magnets". This puts subscribers into your sales funnel and sets you up for passive income generation. Delivering value driven emails will keep those subscribers reading and when you do pitch a sale to them, make it more likely they're actually read the email. 

You can build digital products such as eBooks and resources such as checklists and cheat sheets, offering product upgrades and a variety of types of media. This way, you can constantly upgrade and think of ways to better serve your subscribers and turn them into clients and customers. Treating them with respect and offering something valuable in exchange for their email address is key to building your email list. 

4. Get Into Webinars

Nowadays, webinars are gaining popularity as one of the easy ways to make money online. If you have an audience to teach something to and some valuable knowledge to impart to them, you can start making webinars right away. Having a website and web presence is also a good idea for building your audience. 

You can teach your audience about social media, crafting, marketing, graphic design, web development or just about anything you can think of. Having a product to eventually sell at the end of your webinar is where your revenue will come from. 

Consider building a sizable portion of your revenue from passive income. Making money in your sleep, while you're on vacation, bringing Netflix or playing video games, is pretty much a dream come true. Whatever you choose to pursue, remember that there will be effort involved and you'll want to differentiate yourself from the competitors in your chosen field. Like any endeavor in life, you'll want to put yourself into creating your online income. Get serious about understanding the game and what others are doing that works. And whatever you do, don not give up. Making money online is not only possible when you work smart and persevere, but it's also inevitable!