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How you can improve your luck by changing your state of mind

3rd December 2019 Print
Four leaf clover

Some people seem to have all the luck, catching breaks wherever they turn. Luck is often seen as some kind of random force, but science shows that there are certain traits that lucky people share. Imitate them and you have the chance to change your luck for the better. 

Lucky traits

Being open to new experiences and meeting new people has been found to increase a person’s chance of lucky encounters, according to psychologist Richard Wiseman, author of The Luck Factor, which can be seen alongside his other books on his website at Extroverts and those with open body language are more likely to benefit from happenstance than introverts and those with closed body language. If you want to increase your luck, it’s time to be more positive with your body language and your approach to life! 

Taking risks is also an important factor when it comes to increasing your luck. Psychology professor Elizabeth Nutt Williams reports that those who have taken advantage of potential lucky breaks display an ability to take risks and to be flexible when it comes to their view of their future as explained in As such, if you’re naturally very risk-averse, it might be time to reevaluate your approach and try to be less structured in your vision of what the future looks like. Doing so might just make you luckier. 

Also key to improving your luck is believing in the power of luck itself. This can mean believing that you are a lucky person or believing in good luck charms. Indeed, research has shown that a ‘lucky’ charm has the power to enhance an individual’s performance when it comes to skilled undertaking.

The power of good luck

Good luck can come in many different forms. For some, good luck is the key to winning big at the casino or pursuing cash-boosting jackpots on a range of online slot machines such as Both risk-taking and self-belief certainly come into play here.

For others, it is luck that will lead to a sudden and notable career advancement. Many people also see their good fortune in chance encounters that lead to the start of friendships or romantic relationships. 


However you view good fortune and whatever you want to get out of it, there are ways that you can change your mindset in order to embrace a more lucky future. Firstly, be more proactive. The more you make happen, the greater the chance that you’ll catch a break to help you along on life’s journey.

Secondly, be optimistic. If you believe that good things will happen, you’re more likely to grab hold of opportunities to turn that belief into a reality. If you believe the opposite – that nothing good will happen for you – then your actions (whether consciously or not) will contribute to that being the case. 

Finally, be mindful. Understand how you are feeling and how you are relating to the world around you in order to expand your awareness and take advantage of life’s opportunities. Centre yourself and you’ll be ready to grab life by the horns and embrace the good fortune that comes your way.

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