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Top 3 domains that benefit most from IoT technologies

16th December 2019 Print

Building IoT applications is something that more and more product manufacturers are starting to get acquainted with these days. The internet is rapidly getting more involved in our lives, be it good a thing, or bad. However, it certainly helps us making many of our day-to-day activities a lot more convenient.

Today, you no longer have to deal with the fuss of using a map the size of your desk whenever you are trying to get to your destination. Now, you just pop-up your phone, open the GPS and that’s it.

The internet is evolving so fast, in fact, that now you can control your air conditioner through an app on your phone, unlock a car with it, or even turn on a light bulb.

That’s what IoT is, and it certainly brings a lot of profit for some manufacturers to produce objects that connect to the internet. So, we are about to see some of the industries that benefit most from IoT technologies.

1. Electronics

One of the most profitable cases in IoT, comes form producing electronic goods, of course. You can say that they are related, and pretty much everyone has some sort of electronics in their household.

Air conditioners, speakers, fridges, TV’s, you name it. Each one of these goods can easily be linked to the internet in some way or another. You lost the remote to your TV? No problem, just whip out your phone and get to your favorite channel that way.

The industry of making smart household items is going so well in fact, that “smart homes” have now become a thing. From security systems to climate control. Everything is interconnected and can be accessed through your phone.

2. Automotive

The car manufacturing industry has certainly embraced the idea of this technology. Look at Tesla, for example, you can lock your car, and even set it to be a certain temperature in it before you get inside it, all through a phone.

Besides, not only top tech companies such as Tesla using IoT. Many other car manufacturers and app developers built diagnostic systems that read the error codes of your car all through the internet.

The future of IoT cars is looking very promising. There are already fully autonomous cars built, think what could happen in a few more years? 

3. Healthcare

Another domain that is benefiting, and will further expand with the help of IoT technologies is healthcare. Employee and patient monitoring are crucial, and with IoT, this surely eases the task.

Even pacemakers can now be connected through the internet now, and it is very beneficial both for doctors and to patients as well. It plummets the number of errors and it helps doctors get more information about the patients' condition, thus further improving diagnostics.


IoT technology has quickly evolved towards the better. It makes our daily routine more convenient and ironically, in some cases it helps us become healthier. 

It looks like this technology has a very promising future, and our lives will further be improved.