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Famous athletes who made marijuana a lifestyle choice for themselves

6th January 2020 Print

Post its legalisation in many parts of the world, smoking marijuana has become a lifestyle choice for a great number of people, including many well-known sports stars. Weed helps them relax and handle the pressures of being highly-paid young accomplished professionals who are expected to perform day after day.

As of now, there are around 11 states in North America, apart from the District of Columbia where you can legally purchase and consume marijuana. 33 states in the US as well as DC have approved sale and use of medical marijuana. While it has been made completely legal in Canada, North America’s attitude towards cannabis has evolved from being ‘counterculture’ to being an integral part of the modern day society. As a result, there are many A-list pro-level athletes and sports stars who are coming forward about their marijuana usage. You can learn more about them on this page here. Let’s now acquaint you with couple of such athletes who have admitting using marijuana.

Nick Diaz

Counted amongst the most famous personalities in the MMA, the Diaz brothers comprising of Nick and Nate Diaz are looked up to as heroes in the MMA community, owing to their accomplishments as well as blase attitude towards money and media in general.

Nick is the elder of the two, idolised by the younger brother Nate Diaz who often credits the former for his accomplishments in the field. Both have been very strong advocates of cannabis usage and have spoken about it on many platforms. In fact Nate was seen smoking marijuana at a training session prior to his Anthony Pettis fight in UFC 241. 

Nick on the other hand was once in a conference call with MMA experts, talking about his fight against Marius Zaromskis. He could be heard smoking a Bong during the call, which was then discussed in detail by Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan quite hilariously! 

Michael Phelps

The Olympic record setting sportsman is unarguably the greatest swimmer to have ever graced the sport. Holding the record for maximum number of medals (8) in any single edition of Olympic Games, his overall Olympic medal tally stands at 28, of which 23 were gold.

However, his career hasn’t been without controversies. During his peak years, media used to be all over him because of multiple intoxication-related incidents, couple of which were to do with driving under the influence. His well-known episode of enjoying a Bong at a party is one that is often talked about. He had to apologise publicly for his conduct, blaming his youthful indiscretion for the so-called mistake. Even though it was a random occurrence, the success and popularity enjoyed by Michael Phelps proved that smoking marijuana wasn’t all that bad.

Other than these two, there are many other well-known athletes such as Guy Riley (NHL), James Hunt (F1), Ricky Williams (NFL), Arnold Schwarzenegger and more who have openly accepted and advocated marijuana use.