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How to wear contact lens?

22nd June 2020 Print

Many people who are new to contact lens do not know how to wear it properly. If you do not know how to wear contact lens properly, it can cause eye infections in the long term.

So, here is a step by step process on how to wear contact lens

Insert the Contact Lens Safe: If you are a beginner, it takes some time to practice, but if you follow this process regularly, wearing contact lens becomes easier.

- Firstly, wash and dry your hands. This will make sure that the bacteria on your hands are cleaned, and it will not cause infection in your eyes while placing the contact lens.

- Put the contact lens on your index fingertip, with the concave surface facing upwards.

- Now, face the mirror and use your middle finger to pull down the lower eyelashes and eyelids.

- Place the contact lens on the surface of your eyes. The bottom part of the contact lens should first touch your eyes. This should touch the white part of the eye first, just above where the lower lid is pulled down.

- Press the contact lens on your eyes till you feel it stick. Once you remove the fingertip away, the contact lens should float on the surface of your eyes. Now, blink your eyes to adjust the contact lens to correct position.

- If you are wearing the contact lens for the first time, doctors suggest you not to wear it for more than one hour initially. Gradually, increase the wearing time so that your eyes will get adjusted to using the contact lens.

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Remove the lens Quickly: Properly removing contact lens is also necessary, so that your eyes get a chance to breathe. Some contact lens needs to be removed every day at night. So, here is a step by step process on how to remove the contact lens quickly and effortlessly:

- Firstly, make your hands clean by washing it with a soap or hand wash liquid (to avoid germs).

- Now, use your middle finger to pull down the lower eyelid.

- Now, using your index finger and thumb gently pinch off the lens and remove it. To avoid hurting your eyes or tearing of contact lens, it is recommended to keep your nails trimmed.

If you are having any irritation in your eyes or feel infection kind of symptoms, then it is recommended to remove the contact lens immediately.

It is also recommended to use contact lens re-wetting drops, to prevent your eyes from getting dry. But, do not use any artificial tear drops as it can build up on your contact lens and cause irritation to your eyes in the long run.

After you remove the contact lens, make sure to rub the contact lens with contact solution, by placing the lens on your palm. This will remove the dirt, dust, bacteria, and proteins that are collected on the lens when you wore it.