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Here’s how to make that e-liquid last throughout COVID-19

30th July 2020 Print

We’re all in this thing together as far as the pandemic is concerned and it’s common across the world for people to reign in their spending and look for ways to trim down monthly expenses. Vaping is no exception; by being a little smarter with your vaporiser and its e-liquid you can finish each month with a little more in your pocket.

Here’s how.

Think about higher nicotine strength.

It’s not always about less is more. Most vapers will, at some point, tend towards a weaker strength of nicotine in their vaping liquids in a bid to cut down their intake. The reality? You just end up vaping more. Not only do you end up consuming more e-liquid each month, but you also run your vaporiser more often, potentially stressing the unit out and lowering its longevity.

If you want to trim your costs each month, try out a vaping liquid that has a higher concentration of nicotine in it. More is less!

Dial it down.

We know just how fun it is to customise your vaporiser. It’s a way to express your individuality and to get the maximum performance out of your vaping product and experience. You get more control, better clouds and a good time all around. 

There’s a catch though; they eat through juice like no tomorrow. Let’s be honest; you probably use a modded vape at the highest power setting possible and that’s no good for your wallet. So, think about cutting it down! Most mods will actually come with a setting for low power and they’re a great compromise between the clouds you want and the budget you need to stick to.

Try nicotine salts.

It’s all about comfort and nicotine salts are a fantastic way to get the nicotine you need faster while enjoying a smooth vaping experience. Most users report the sensation of vaping to feel stronger when using salts, with a faster hit of nicotine when compared to unaltered e-liquid.

You’ll want to look carefully at the salts you consider buying; many will have a unique or specific flavour. Some are available with a certain taste, whereas others will be billed as flavourless. It’s entirely up to you. 

Swap up that coil.

It’s worth thinking about the coil you use full stop when vaping, but it’s doubly true if you’re looking to eke out as much use as possible from your vaping liquids. Swapping your coil out for one with a higher resistance is a great decision to make.

It’s simple, really: low wattage settings mean you won’t get that much vapour per drag. Swap the coil up to a higher power and you’ll enjoy a very satisfying vaping experience that will tend to be more efficient, too.

And there you have it!

Four tips from us on how to get the most out of your vaping experience. We hope you stay happy, healthy and safe in the months ahead. We’re all in this one together!