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Tips for finding the perfect tech job

7th October 2020 Print

The tech field is an exciting and innovative sector to work. With promises of high jobs and good salaries, beginning your career as an It professional can be interesting. But, you can face difficulties if you don't know where to start. Whether you are entering the sector for the first time fresh out of school or have been practicing your tech skills, but now you want to start an official tech career, the industry is currently booming with all the technological advancements we have.

Like many other jobs, it can be challenging to walk into an office, do the interview, and get hired immediately. The best resources that can help you in such a situation are the professionals who are already working in the field and companies that connect the recruiter and employee such as Delan: IT talent hunters. But before you begin your search for that perfect tech job, here are some tips to help you maneuver through the tech field.

Learn all the necessary tech skills

Some people learn coding skills and then assume they are all tech-savvy. However, being an IT professional takes more than just that. Learn all the soft skills, too, such as teamwork. Be ready and learn more, acknowledging the fact that you don't know everything in tech yet. Communicate and cooperate with others in the tech field to become part of the tech community.

Many companies would instead hire a tech person ready for teamwork and learn more than a tech guru who thinks they know everything and do not appreciate other people’s efforts. 

Communication skills matter a lot.

Even if, as a tech person, you may not do client negotiations, you will need to present your work and projects to the board members or other people within the tech field. So, gaining communication skills is just as important. During project work, you must face the board, share your vision for the project, and make everyone understand why the company should fund it. 

Furthermore, you may need to present your work to people who are not conversant about tech and help them understand the tech jargon. If you are a clear communicator, it improves your career even more and exposes you to many opportunities.

Appreciate teamwork and be eager to learn more

You may be a tech guru, but through your eagerness to learn more from others, you will improve your skills as a tech person. Find other IT specialists, work together, develop tech things together, interact and contribute other people's tech ideas, and participate more in tech challenges.

While programming involves a lot of individual time on the computer, you have to learn software engineering skills that require one to interact more with different people. And that is through teamwork and the eagerness to learn more.

Network more

In many industries, people get exposure through social networks and communities. If there is a tech event going on, take the time to attend. You never know who you will meet that knows someone where. Without the connections with people in the tech field, you only have your resume to rely on, which has its set of challenges. 

If possible, volunteer for tech jobs here and there to build a powerful social network.


As you look for that perfect tech job, examine your goals, values, and what kind of a job you want. That way, you will be ready to face the tech industry and show them your skills.