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Ways to sleep better despite the pandemic stress

14th October 2020 Print

Covid-19 has changed the way the world behaves! Irrespective of the place you are from, you must have been affected by this pandemic, this way or other. Many people have to work from home while others are going out but are always anxious that they may be hit by the virus. One thing that is most affected during these days of pandemic is your sleep.

There can be various reasons for sleepless nights. You may be worried about your income or just anxious about the health condition of your loved one. Loneliness may be the reason for insomnia. Whatever it is, if you do not get good sleep then your health will be affected and that is something least wanted in this pandemic. To help you out here are few ways to sleep better

Do not watch News much

One reason for anxiety during this pandemic is caused by listening to various news channels. It’s true that they are showing the real picture but it may be affecting you mentally. When you keep watching different news you are getting such information regarding a pandemic that may not be necessary for you to follow. Watch it twice daily to know about the latest updates in your region and worldwide. 

Follow a strict routine

One problem that is happening to most people is that they have more than enough time and thus to spend the time many are taking naps. This will hamper your sleep during night. It is necessary that you go through a strict routine like you used to do before pandemic. If there is a fixed time to get up, do daily chores, complete your work and then rest you will find that your body fine tunes with it. 


Your bedroom should be calm and quiet

When you sleep you must ensure that your bedroom is quiet. There may be heavy curtains and carpet there so that much sound does not enter. A good carpet will ensure that extra sound is absorbed. Before going to sleep avoid using any device. The blue light emitted from the devices is one reason for sleep disruption. 

Wrapping up

To wrap up the whole thing it can be said that when you are under stress you have to find out ways for releasing stress. This can be done when you avoid the source of stress. Apart from that maintaining healthy habits will also ensure that you are fit and a fit body will require rest. 

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