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How to stay safe and properly protected from Covid-19

28th October 2020 Print
Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic caught everyone unaware and has affected almost everything involving our lifestyles. Since the virus is here, we have to find ways to protect ourselves and avoid contracting it. The World Health Organization issued several guidelines which individuals need to follow to stay safe from the virus. Out of these guidelines, some involve keeping social distance, wearing masks, and sanitizing our hands whenever we are in public places. You already comprehend some of them, but we are here again to insist since the virus is still ravaging. 

Below are some measures to stay safe.

Practice Social Distancing

The health study and research show that the virus gets transmitted by close contact with an infected person or accessing anything in contact with an infected person. With this situation, it's recommended staying at least six feet from the infected person to avoid contracting the virus. Since it's hard knowing who's infected, always keep a distance from anyone nearby. Social distance prevents getting into contact with the person, their droplets, or anything that might infect you with the virus. 

Wear Masks

Before the virus, face masks were for medical practitioners and maybe people working in dusty places. Due to the pandemic, facemasks are now a must for everyone to avoid contracting the virus. There are different types of masks to choose from to protect you from the disease. From this shop collection, the best masks to protect you from the virus are the N95 Masks. These masks are mostly used by medical experts and other professionals to stay safe. Ensure you purchase a mask covering your mouth, nose, and chin to prevent the virus from getting into your body. Use Masks together with other guidelines to protect you from contracting the virus. Ensure you wear it and remove it correctly all the time and use the best quality available to stay safe. 

Wash Hands

wash hands

Our hands get exposed to the virus more than any part of the body, especially in public places. According to the health experts, the surfaces we touch in public places, including rails, doors, chairs, and transport means, may get accessed by an infected person making it risky to those unaffected. To be safe from this, ensure you wash your hands regularly with soap and water. If you can't access soap and water, have an effective hand sanitizer – here is how to make it, which helps disinfect the hands and kill the virus.

Restrict your travel

Travel if it is a must. Otherwise, stay at home to avoid the risk of contracting the virus. Travelling has significant risks of contracting the virus, and that's why people are urged to stay and work at home to avoid unnecessary travels. You can work at home, shop online, and have everything done at home, especially if you are at the risk of contracting the virus.

Always check for the virus symptoms to ensure you are safe from the virus. If you experience any of its symptoms, get medical attention, and get into isolation to avoid spreading the virus. Some coronavirus symptoms include fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue, and other flu-related complications.

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Social Distancing wash hands